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Repair parts & tools

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360-Clip, solderless IC adapter, 48-pin (32-pin FPC)
Universal use. Supportts NAND / dual NAND chips. To be used with NAND programmers. Recommend..
Model: TW_1100
196.80 zł
In Stock !
Chillifix for Xbox 360 and Hitachi-LG DVD
A new chip to fix bricked Xbox360 drives due to bad flash.A new chip to fix bricked Xbox360 drive..
Model: ChFx
75.03 zł
In Stock !
Digilent JTAG-HS1 USB programmer
The JTAG-HS1 programming cable is a high-speed programming solution for Xilinx FPGAs. It is compa..
Model: JTAG-HS1
270.60 zł
In Stock !
DVD drive belt for XBox 360
Replacement part.Replacement part. ..
Model: dvdb
15.99 zł
In Stock !
First Aid kit for XBox 360 controllers
Includes new rubber mats for your controller, as well as replacement thumbsticks with potentiometers..
Model: 360-t1ak
40.48 zł
In Stock !
GPU (HDMI) for Xbox 360
Original replacement part.Original replacement part.Brand new. Require advanced soldering skills...
Model: 360-GPU
147.60 zł
In Stock !
GPU (HDMI) for Xbox 360 (HANA x802478-003)
Original replacement part.Original replacement part.Brand new. Require advanced soldering skills...
Model: 360-GPUH
51.66 zł
In Stock !
HD67 replacement lens for Xbox 360
For Samsung TS-H943 drive.For Samsung TS-H943 drive.3rd party replacement lens for Xbox 360. Note: W..
Model: HD67
79.04 zł
In Stock !
HOP-1401141X Benq Liteon replacement laser lens for Xbox 360
Compatible with ALL Xbox 360 Phat DVD moderls.Replacement lens for Xbox 360 DVD Benq Liteon (plas..
Model: 141B
61.50 zł
In Stock !
HOP-150/15X replacement laser lens for Xbox 360 Slim
Compatible with Xbox 360 slimCompatible with Xbox 360 slimReplacement lens for Xbox 360 slim DVD ..
Model: HOP-15x
86.10 zł
Temporary Out Of Stock
J-R Programmer v2, NAND flasher, USB (TX clone)
Fast NAND JTag SPI reader / programmer. Includes full POST monitoring for the CR3 Pro rater featu..
Model: Xjr2c
98.40 zł
In Stock !
Matrix Freedom LTU PCB 1175 for XB360 DG-16D5S, with Cryptocop and USB programmer
Write protect disabled, works with Liteon DG-16D5S Drivesl.Write protect disabled, works with Lit..
Model: MPCB2
239.87 zł
In Stock !
Matrix NAND Programmer
Cost effective NAND reader / programmer.Cost effective NAND reader / programmer.It features a PIC18F..
Model: mNdn
85.64 zł
In Stock !
Maximus 360 NAND Flasher for homebrew
Professional tool for all your Xbox 360 home brew needs.The nandflasher is basically a JTag devic..
Model: 360ndnf
147.60 zł
In Stock !
Maximus Liteon PCB rebuild board QSB
Helps professional installers to do the firmware reading on the latest Liteon drives (83850V2 &am..
Model: vmp_rebb
12.30 zł
3.69 zł
In Stock !
Maximus molex DVD power adapter (Dongle add-on) for xbox 360
Works on all Xbox 360 and all DVDs. Works with Maximus and Xecuter hardware.Works on all Xbox 360 an..
Model: usb360XTR_pwr
64.22 zł
In Stock !
Maximus Stinger, Glitcher tool kit
NEW LOW PRICE! Reset glitch hack tool. Add-on board for Nand flasher. Works with any jtag program..
Model: mxS
77.49 zł
In Stock !
Nand-X Pin Header cable with coolrunner wires
Makes your installs even easier.Makes your installs even easier...
Model: xNphc
36.90 zł
In Stock !
NAND-X USB programmer, stand alone
This is stand alone version - programmer and one cable only. Superfast, NANDS PRO compatible, eas..
Model: ndXs
209.10 zł
Temporary Out Of Stock
NANDKey, NAND and generic Xilinx CoolRunner programmer
NANDKey is the first full-featured, easy-to-use tool for managing your Xbox 360 NAND contents and..
Model: NDNk
129.15 zł
In Stock !
OPU5430 replacement laser lens for Xbox 360 Slim
Compatible with Xbox 360Compatible with Xbox 360Replacement lens for Xbox 360 DVD..
Model: OPU5430
79.04 zł
In Stock !
Power cable for XBox 360 DVD, 23 cm
Model: pwrCdvd
8.61 zł
In Stock !
Ring of Light Board/RF Module PCB Board Power Button Switch, for XBox 360 Slim
Original spare part.Original spare part.Require a little knowledge to install. Bulk pack...
Model: ROFs
106.89 zł
In Stock !
S-ATA (Serial ATA) Controller Card, PCI, VIA 6421A chipset
Perfect controller card to be used for flashing Xbox 360 DVD (MS25/MS28 or Hitachi).Perfect controll..
Model: VT6421
68.33 zł
In Stock !
Scorpion 2 probe, toll for Lite-On DVD
Maximus Scorpion 2 is for those who want JF 1.29 support, read key on Lite-On drives without any ..
Model: scp2
35.67 zł
In Stock !
Screwdriver Torx T8H T8 (with security hole), compatible with XBox 360 and PS3 Slim
Tamper Proof, high quality. With special security whole to be usen on XBOX 360 wired and wireless..
Model: xb-screw
18.45 zł
In Stock !
SF-HD63 replacement lens for Xbox 360
For Hitachi Drive only S-H943 and GDR-3120L DVD Rom Drivers.For Hitachi Drive only S-H943 and GDR..
Model: HD63
61.50 zł
In Stock !
Spear Add-on tool for 360 Xtractor Pro
Read keys on Lite-On DVD. Fast, easy and solderless.Read keys on Lite-On DVD. Fast, easy and sold..
Model: Spr
36.90 zł
In Stock !
Spider X360 replacement LTU PCB for DG-16D5S DVD
This solution provides the option to run DVD backups of your owned games.This solution provides t..
Model: SX360-16D5S
159.90 zł
In Stock !
SPUTNIK360 - DG-16D4S MXIC chipsets flash unlock kit
Unlock kit for SPI status of DG-16D4S MXIC chipsets.Unlock kit for SPI status of DG-16D4S MXIC chips..
Model: SPT360
30.75 zł
In Stock !
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