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Mod Tools

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Booster Add-On for Lizard 360
Speed up some operations on the Lizard 360.Speed up some operations on the Lizard 360.This add-on wi..
Model: MLbo
14.78 €
In Stock !
Buzzer Add-On for Lizard
Useful if you are using the Lizard to perform the Winbond Kamikaze unlock.Useful if you are using th..
Model: MLbuz
7.37 €
In Stock !
Digilent JTAG-HS1 USB programmer
The JTAG-HS1 programming cable is a high-speed programming solution for Xilinx FPGAs. It is compa..
Model: JTAG-HS1
52.01 €
In Stock !
FFC flat cable 15pin, 40 cm for JTAG programmers (injectus, progskeet, squirt etc)
FFC cable 15 pin 40 cm. This cable is an original spare part for Infectus and Squirt ch..
Model: inf-fcc
2.13 €
In Stock !
J-R Programmer v2, NAND flasher, USB (TX clone)
Fast NAND JTag SPI reader / programmer. Includes full POST monitoring for the CR3 Pro rater featu..
Model: Xjr2c
18.91 €
In Stock !
JTAG USB programmer (for Injectus Argon etc)
This is JTAG programmer for several modchips.This is JTAG programmer for several modchips.The JTAG p..
Model: argnUSB
12.31 €
In Stock !
Matrix glitcher 360 V3 (coolrunner), with oscilator, for PHAT, SLIM, Corona ready
Specifications - Matrix Glither V3 Compatible with all Xbox360 SLIM and FAT models (excep..
Model: MtxGV3
6.38 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
Matrix NAND Programmer
Cost effective NAND reader / programmer.Cost effective NAND reader / programmer.It features a PIC18F..
Model: mNdn
16.46 €
In Stock !
Matrix Trident v1
Transform your Xbox360 16 MB NAND in 3 independent 16 MB banks. Works great with any glitcher.Transf..
Model: mTri
23.05 €
In Stock !
Maximus 360 LiteKey (Xtractor pro addon)
This device will help home users to do the firmware reading on the latest Liteon drives (83850V2 ..
Model: mLTK
7.09 €
In Stock !
Maximus 360 NAND Flasher for homebrew
Professional tool for all your Xbox 360 home brew needs.The nandflasher is basically a JTag devic..
Model: 360ndnf
28.37 €
In Stock !
Maximus Blackjack for Xbox 360 Slim with Lite-On DG-16D4S
This tool gives you the ability to re-flash the drive without having to open the console up again.Th..
Model: MBLJ
35.40 €
In Stock !
Maximus Lizard, hardware flasher for Xbox 360 + Scorpion 2
The Worlds FIRST HARDWARE FLASHER tool. Fast and easy to use. Latest revision, new S..
Model: MLiz
68.56 €
Not avalible.
Maximus SDTool for Xbox 360 Corona 4GB
FULL RGH2 running on Corona 4G (all boards!). One kit for 2 consoles.FULL RGH2 running on Corona 4G ..
Model: MSDT
20.58 €
In Stock !
Maximus Stinger, Glitcher tool kit
NEW LOW PRICE! Reset glitch hack tool. Add-on board for Nand flasher. Works with any jtag program..
Model: mxS
14.89 €
In Stock !
Maximus Trident MX Macronix Slim Drive Unlocker
Note: This tool works only with Macronix SPI Flash.  (For Winbond we are still developing a ..
Model: MTriMX
15.60 €
In Stock !
Maximus Vampire (Xtractor pro addon)
This device will help professional installers to do the firmware reading on the latest Liteon dri..
Model: vmp
9.22 €
In Stock !
Maximus Xtractor 3
Flashing tool with updatable core firmware.Flashing tool with updatable core firmware.The new Xxt..
Model: 360XTR3
32.52 €
In Stock !
Allow dual boot on xbox 360 slim !!! It allow to enable DUAL NAND feature on PROGSKEET.Allow dual bo..
Model: ndPCB16
14.81 €
In Stock !
Nand-X Pin Header cable with coolrunner wires
Makes your installs even easier.Makes your installs even easier...
Model: xNphc
7.09 €
In Stock !
NAND-X USB programmer, stand alone
This is stand alone version - programmer and one cable only. Superfast, NANDS PRO compatible, eas..
Model: ndXs
40.19 €
In Stock !
NANDKey, NAND and generic Xilinx CoolRunner programmer
NANDKey is the first full-featured, easy-to-use tool for managing your Xbox 360 NAND contents and..
Model: NDNk
24.82 €
In Stock !
ProgSkeet dual adaptor PCB kit, with FFC cables
Adaptor board to connect to progskeet one or two NAND CLIP SOLDERLESS.Adaptor board to connect to..
Model: PrSkAdp
9.46 €
In Stock !
ProgSkeet PCB v1.21 Black Tar Edition, NAND/NOR Flash programmer, inc. USB programmer
ProgSkeet is your one and only solution to your flashing needs. Whether it is NAND, NOR or any ot..
Model: PrSk121
42.55 €
In Stock !
ProgSkeet USB programmer v1.0
This is a programmer for ProgSkeet.This is a programmer for ProgSkeet.Works just like Injectus US..
Model: PrSkPr1
23.40 €
In Stock !
Squirt 360 1.2 (rev.B) BLACK coolrunner, glitcher
Glitcher supporting dual nand. Works also with Slim and Phat Xbox 360. RGH 2 compatible. NOT..
Model: SQTc12
14.18 €
Not avalible.
Squirt 360 1.3 Micro, coolrunner, glitcher
Squirt 1.3 have own bitstrem, this version is out of production and unfortunatly this version had..
Model: SQTc13
15.37 €
9.46 €
In Stock !
Squirt 360 2.0, fast coolrunner, glitcher, Corona ready
Very fast glitcher supporting dual nand. Works also with Slim and Phat Xbox 360. RGH 2 compatible..
Model: SQTc2
19.15 €
14.18 €
In Stock !
Squirt 360 2.1, fast coolrunner, glitcher, Corona ready
Very fast glitcher supporting dual nand. Works also with Slim and Phat Xbox 360. RGH 2 compatible..
Model: SQTc21
16.55 €
In Stock !
Allow dual boot on xbox 360 slim !!! Compatible with Squirt and any RGH (glicther, coolrunner) on..
Model: ndPCB16sq
15.37 €
In Stock !
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