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Ace 3ds plus, flash cart for Nintendo DS, DSi, 3DS (pink)
*** NOTE: This is older verion of hardware, not always compatible with new consoles. That's why w..
Model: ac3dsp
49.20 zł
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R4i SDHC 3DS, nagrywarka do NDS / DSLite / DSi / XL / 3DS, RTS
Easy to use, nice features, low price and good quality.Easy to use, nice features, low price and ..
Model: R4i3dsRTS
98.40 zł
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X360USB PRO V2 Connectivity Kit do Xbox 360
CKi3i integrated! Works on all Xbox 360 DVD drives. No hassle and compatibility issues. The easie..
Model: x360UPv2
356.70 zł
Chwilowo niedostępne
SuperCard DS TWO PLUS - nagrywarka do Nintendo 3DS, DS, GBA i SNES gier, Micro SD (bez pamieci)
Shop01mdia is an official distributor for Supercard. This is a genuine card from the official Sup..
Model: SCDS2P
246.00 zł
Chwilowo niedostępne
Sky3DS+ Nintendo 3DS nagrywarka
Najlpesza nagrywarka do Nintendo 3DS! Działa prawie na wszystkich wersjach 3DS i 3DS grach. N..
Model: SK3DSp
473.55 zł
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EZ Flash Redux (EZR), nagrywarka do 3DS
EZ-FLASH REDUX (EZR) - nytt flashkort för NintendoⓇ 3DS konsoller, mycket likt den kända Gateway ..
Model: EZF-R
196.80 zł
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Cobra ODE QSV - Optical Drive Emulator for PS3 Slim/Super Slim v5.20c
This is Cobra ODE v5.20c is new (2016-08), smaller, better, faster and more flexible design of th..
Model: CbrODE-520c
307.50 zł
Chwilowo niedostępne
Xecuter CR4 XL CoolRunner, glitcher mod for XBox 360
*** GENUINE EXCUTER PRODUCT *** >> CR4 XL - Install Guide Completely redesigned met..
Model: CR4XL
246.00 zł
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XBOX mod chip - Aladdin XT Plus 2 (aka xenoFX)
One of the most feature-packed low budget mod chips for Xbox. Reliable and easy to install. T..
Model: ALD-XTp2
116.85 zł
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Modbo 4.0 PS2 mod chip
The Modbo v4.0 is the latest chip from the guys at The Modbo v4.0 is compatible with v..
Model: mdb40
98.40 zł
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 J-R Programmer v2, NAND flasher, USB (TX clone)
Fast NAND JTag SPI reader / programmer. Includes full POST monitoring for the CR3 Pro rater featu..
Model: Xjr2c
98.40 zł
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N2 Elite NFC to USB PC reader/writer
This accessory allows to transmit with N2 Elite (a.k.a. Amiiqo) module from a computer without th..
Model: N2NFCr
153.75 zł
Chwilowo niedostępne
N2 Elite (Amiiqo) v1.2 NFC Toy Emulator, Amiibo figures storage / backup, backup do gier NFC
N2 Elite (a.k.a. Amiiqo) is NFC game backup device. Click here to see list of gaming NFC platform..
Model: AX000AMII
227.55 zł
Chwilowo niedostępne
Gateway 3DS, nagrywarka do Nintendo 3DS
Worlds first and still the best Nintendo 3DS Flash CartWorlds first and still the best Nintendo 3..
Model: G3DS
356.70 zł
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HDfury USB Doctor QC2.0 - Universal USB Smart & Fast Charger Adapter
Safely turn ANY USB ports into an Universal USB fast-charging port. Compatible with Android&a..
Model: hdf-usbd
141.45 zł
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HDFury Linker - scaling up to 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz, HDMI, 2 inputs, 1 output,  HDCP2.2 remover
Smallest Scaler in the World - Biggest Game Changer No more boundaries in HDMI | One device t..
Model: HDF4K-LKR
1,168.50 zł
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HDFury 4S Scaler / 3DFury Basic Kit
4K HDMI 2.0 Scaler / Converter HDfury4S offers all the features and controls you need to solv..
Model: HDF4sBK
1,230.00 zł

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HDFury 4K Splitter Ultra HD Pro, HDMI DVI-D, Upscaling, Downscaling, Image Enhancement
HD Fury Splitter 4K UHD/PRO is a 2-Port DVI/HDMI splitter with integrated HDCP decryption/encrypt..
Model: HDF4K-SPL
565.80 zł
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HDfury 2 1080prgb - HDMI to Component RGB display convertor
  Connect any HDMI source in Full HD 1080p to any any any RGB display.Connect any H..
Model: vid-hdf2
885.60 zł
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Xecuter NAND-X do CoolRunner JTAG kabel do programowania
Use your NAND-X to program the Xecuter CoolRunner with the latest firmware over USB. ..
Model: xNcc
24.60 zł
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TX227 Corona Postfix Adapter v2
Needed for Xbox 360 Corona v3, v4 and some late V2.All new Xbox 360 manufactured on August 2012 a..
Model: tx-psfxc
24.60 zł
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EZ Flash 4 flash nagrywarka do Nintendo GameBoy, Micro SD
Developed based on the fameous EZ Flash 3, great features, uses standard MiniSD Memory.  ..
Model: EZF4m
233.70 zł
Chwilowo niedostępne
USB extension converter cable USB 2.0 Mini B to USB A female (M-F) 10 cm
Model: usbACMFext
9.84 zł
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HDFury Integral 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz Video processor 2017 version - audio and video splitter / adapter for any HDCP devices
NEW! 2017 Version New ULTRA FAST INTEGRAL version.  BT performs 10x faster than the orig..
Model: 4KINT-17
1,107.00 zł

WODE Jukebox V2 - Wii Optical Drive Emulator HDD, USB ripping vertical stand
In stock latest silver Wode version. Ground breaking evolution of a mod chip for Wii! Easy in..
Model: wde2
270.60 zł
Chwilowo niedostępne
Allow dual boot on xbox 360 slim !!! Compatible with Squirt and any RGH (glicther, coolrunner) on..
Model: ndPCB16sq
79.95 zł
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SPECIAL PACK: DS Linker EX 16G + 8G, Slot-1 nagrywarka do Nintendo DS/Lite
SPECIAL OFFER: This package includes 2 flash cards, 16Gbit + 8Gbit = 24Gbit storage ! Note th..
Model: DSL16GEX+8
282.90 zł
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SPECIAL PACK: DS Linker EX 16G + 16G, Slot-1 nagrywarka do Nintendo DS/Lite
SPECIAL OFFER: This package includes 2 flash cards, 16Gbit + 16Gbit = 32Gbit storage ! Note t..
Model: DSL16GEX+16
319.80 zł
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DS Fire Link, nagrywarka do NDS, 4Gbit, USB
Flash cart for NDS / NDS Lite consoles. Slot1 standard DS cart size Integrated very..
Model: DSFL4
86.10 zł
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Zasilacz (PSU) 220V EUR - > 5V 1A, fits HDfury 3 etc
220v to 5v USB PSU (Euro plug). Provide REGULATED (+/- 5%) 5VDC power with 1A min DC current ..
Model: vid-hdfpse1
49.20 zł
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