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» Sony® PS/PS2 / Mods
Brand » HD Advance
  HD Xtreme (PAL) for Sony Play Station 2 (incl. HDAdvance 3.0 and USB Extreme)
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Product ID: HDX
PS2 utility software. Run your PS2 games directly from the harddisk and reduce the game loading times sharply.
HD Xtreme (PAL) for Sony Play Station 2 (incl. HDAdvance 3.0 and USB Extreme)

Store all your games on one harddisk, don not change/use discs each time you want to play different games!

HD Xtreme included two advanced PS2 utility software - HDAdvance 3.0 and USB Extreme for converting PS2 games to harddisk and running the games directly from the harddisk.

Actually, PS2 can read data from a harddisk much faster than it can read from a CD or DVD. By using HD Xtreme, you can run your PS2 games from the harddisk/USB harddisk directly and reduce the game loading times sharply.

Since all your games are stored in one harddisk, you do not need to change discs each time when you want to play different games.

You do NOT need any mod chip or other hardware modifications.

  • Compatible with ALL PS2 Consoles.
  • Auto Detect - If a USB harddisk is connected to PS2, the HD Xtreme will boot up the PS2 with USB Xtreme automatically. Otherwise, HD Xtreme will boot up the PS2 with HDAdvance 3.0 instead.

    Features HDAdvance 3.0:
  • Support DVD-9 disc. You can convert DVD-9 games from computer to PS2 harddisk
  • DVD-9/DVD/CD backup/import games can be converted directly without Slide Tool or Flip Top cover.
  • You can convert DVD/CD games directly from the DVD-ROM of your PC to PS2 harddisk
  • Better compatibility

    You can also run NTSC versions of games on your PAL playstation using HDLoader.

    Features USB Xtreme:
  • Excellent Compatibility. USBeXtreme can be compatible with ALL versions of PS2
  • Support 40G to 2T harddisk
  • No Modification made for your PS2 Console. It will not void your PS2 Warranty
  • USB Plug & Play. Best for PS2 Slim users.

    Important: You need to download the client software to backup PS2 games from computer to USB harddisk.

    Package content:
  • HD Xtreme CD version (x1)
  • HD Xtreme DVD version (x1)
  • User Manual (English) (x1)

    All names, logos are the registered trademark of their respective owners. Playing and making backups of copyrighted games is not alowed. This product is for freeware/shareware software and to be used as developing tools. We do not take responsibility for any illegal use in your country/region.
        Added to our catalog: 2008-04-09         Last updated price: 2014-07-03    
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    Fast delivery! It had everything that I first ordered.
    Juuso L., Findland
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