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DS-Xtreme Media Enhancer for Nintendo DS/Lite, 16GBit (flashkit / linker)

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Product Code: DSX16
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DS-Xtreme Media Enhancer for Nintendo DS/Lite, 16GBit (flashkit / linker)

NOTE: NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE BY THE MANUFACTURER - this flash card still works on Nintendo DS/DSLite but some new games may not be supported.

This is the GENUINE DS-Xtreme  - it was a great product introduced in 2007. Unfortunatly it is not produced or supported anymore by the manufacturer anymore. It works OK, but no updates are offered anymore. This means some new DS titles may not play.

However it's very cool flash cart, the two unique flashing LEDs and nice user interface. Now gaining collectible value. We still have few left from the very old, original stock. Hurry upp!


Flash kit / linker for NDS. Flash kit / linker for NDS. Does NOT require the use of a passme to play NDS game backups!

DS-Xtreme (aka DS-X, DS Xtreme, DS-Xtreme, DS Extreme, DS-Extreme) offers 16Gbit (2Gbyte) of internal storage memory.

DS-X is known as one of the best Slot-1 sollutions for Nintendo DS/DS Lite. It is very small all-in-one sollution - a revolutionary storage, homebrew and media player flash cart compatible with all DS Lite and original DS consoles.


DS-Xtreme / DS-X

DS-Xtreme does NOT require anything else to operate. All is in the cart, and the USB cable to connect to your PC is INCLUDED!

DS-Xtreme DOES work as stand alone passme devic as well - you can use the DS-X as slot1 device and use it as Passme device by adding an M3 or EZ Flash Slot 2 device for GBA compatability.

SINGLE unified solution which allows you to do the unthinkable and push the limits of Nintendo’s ™ top selling handheld console. The DS-X does NOT require the use of a passme, external memory or any unsightly GBA cart, just one intelligently designed piece of kit, the same size as an ordinary DS cart, giving an unrivalled experience to any DS enthusiast.

Its plug and play in its finest hour, an in-built USB port on the DS-X paves the way for you to communicate easily between the DS-X OS and your computer. Drag ‘n drop all your favourite media and homebrew as you please directly onto the included 16GBit (2Gbyte) memory with minimal effort as the DS-X will be instantly recognized by your machine.

Xtreme Functionality – One device, Limitless Opportunity:

- Included 16GBit (2Gbyte) onboard flash memory
- One single unified device, no need for GBA Cart, external memory or passme/flashme
- Functions as a flash cart, compatible with homebrew, media and other image files
- Supports all variaties of console to console multiplayer and online
- Plug ‘n Play
- No software installatins required
- Drag ‘n Drop file transfer
- Intuitively designed custom operating system which is fully upgradeable
- Bespoke hardware design compatible with all current and future DS consoles, same size as original DS cartridge – does NOT stick out!
- Integrated Moon Shell (supports MP3 directly and much more)
- Custom engineered components such as a High-Speed USB 2.0 mini-B connector and full sized EEPROM.
- USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
- PC/Mac/Linux OS compatible
- Save files are saved to DS-Xtreme and can be easy moved/copied
- Region free, works with all NDS/NDS Lite and all games world wide

Notice that theres no way to dump DS games with DS-Xtreme (or another card in the DS slot). This is one of cons compared to products like G6, M3 or Supercard.

Advantages of DS-Xtreme:

  • The same size as an ordinary DS flash cart
  • No need for a passcard or anything else to boot
  • Fits perfectly into slot 1
  • Upgradeable OS
  • Innovative design with in-built mini USB port and LED set
  • Super simple to use, drag and drop files over to the unit without a problem, no drivers required
  • Touch screen and potentially very powerful OS with skinning system
  • Can launch homebrew files without the need for recompiling, good compatibility
  • Launches game back up images flawlessly, without the need for any patching
  • Adds MP3 playback to the DS with a range of options
  • Dancing LED’s are nerdy but nice
  • Supports movie playback on the DS via the use of Moonshell
  • Instant boot option to reduce time taken to get into your favourite app
  • Great online support and forums
  • Included 16Gbit memory - it is very big capacity to hold a full length movies, a selection of games, homebrew software and MP3 albums ALL AT ONCE with a lot of memory left to burn!

    DS-Xtreme Media Enhancer for Nintendo

    DS-Xtreme Media Enhancer for Nintendo

    DS-Xtreme Media Enhancer for Nintendo

    DS-Xtreme Media Enhancer for Nintendo


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