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Category           » Nintendo® Wii  / Accessories
Brand           » Datel

FreeLoader for Nintendo Wii (PAL/EURO)

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Product Code: wii-dfl
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FreeLoader for Nintendo Wii (PAL/EURO)

Play the latest import games from around the world.

FreeLoader uses proprietary technology to enable your Wii to play Wii import games from any other region. Using FreeLoader you can now, for example, easily play U.S. games on a European Wii console.

*NOTE* Due to circumstances beyond our control Wii Freeloader is not compatible with Wii firmware 3.3 and higher (released as an online update 17/06/2008). You can continue to use Wii Freeloader perfectly with any Wii console running firmware 3.2 and below

Identify which firmware version you're running.


* Launch and play imported Wii games from any region
* No need to modify your console – keeps your warranty intact
* Add loads of new titles to your Wii collection, including games that may never be released in your region
* Play US and Japanese games on a PAL Wii
* Fast and easy to use
* No need to modify the console.

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