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Category           » XBOX  / Mod Chips
Brand           » Duo

XBOX mod chip - Duo X3

Temporary Out Of Stock
22.99 €

2 or more 20.99 €
Product Code: DuoX3
Weight: 0.017kg

XBOX mod chip - Duo X3

Duo X3 Xbox modchip, featuring 2X256k dual bank, pre-flashed with blue X24983 and Evox 1.6 bios, supports all versions of Xbox consoles, slide switch to switch betwee 2 banks in case one of the banks got corrupted. It also has the ability to turn the modchip off for Xbox live boot. It's a very reliable and cheap solution for all version of Xbox consoles.

Duo X3 features:

  • Duo x3 Xbox mod chips very easy installation - very stable operation.
  • Duo x3 chip allows multi boot xbox conslole - Retail / Modded Bios
  • High quality manufacture
  • Auto detect functions fully support all versions of Xbox.
  • One chip for the following xbox models:v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1.4, v1.5 and v1.6/v1.6B)
  • Supports all latest dashboards XBMC Xbox Media Centre, Evolution X, Avalaunch.
  • Dual Bios feature (2 x 256KB)
  • Very easy to disable mod for xbox Live
  • Very easy to tell if you are running the original or the modchip bios
  • DuoX3 Supports larger hard drives 10G - 600G+
  • IGR In game reset enabled all model Xbox
  • Can boot between original and Duo X3 modchip bios
  • 9 solder point + 2 Wire Installation or rebuild LPC port + 2 Wire installation
  • Plays original imports
  • Plays Backups of originals
  • Plays unsigned code
  • Run Debug Executables
  • No-patch hack 1
  • No-patch hack 2
  • Permanent eject trick hack
  • Macrovision Off
  • IGR (depends on chosen bios)
  • Supports 137+GB Hard disk (F and G drive)
  • Auto detectEvoXDashboard
  • Flash upgradable.

Duo X3 mod chip compatibility:

  • XBOX v1.0 - v1.6b


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