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Category           » Nintendo® DS  / NDS Flash Carts  / Nintendo® DSi/LL/XL  / Flash Carts
Brand           » Cyclops

Cyclo iEvolution, Micro SD flash kit for NDSi / XL / NDS / NDS Lite, 3DS (w/o memory), white

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Cyclops Product Code: iEVO
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Cyclo iEvolution, Micro SD flash kit for NDSi / XL / NDS / NDS Lite, 3DS (w/o memory), white

*** Rare collectors item, just few left in stock! ***

Play games (clean ROM), MP3, view images, videos, e-books and homebrew applications. AR compatible cheat code system.Play games (clean ROM), MP3, view images, videos, e-books and homebrew applications. AR compatible cheat code system.

Cyclo DS - flash kit / Micro SD adapter for Nintendo DS

2011-03: Compatible also with Nintendo 3DS!
NOTE:: Not compatible with DSi/3DS with firmware 1.4.4

>> See video review Oktober 2013 ! (in German with english subtitles)


The Cyclops DS iEvolution card is a premium DS card with a prestigious background from one of the top DS flash cart developers in the industry. Commonly referred to as the Cyclo iEvo, it is the direct successor to the Cyclo Evo card with many added features and compatibility for both DSi and 3DS systems. It was in fact the first DSi capable card to come out well ahead of any of the other developers, and it has enjoyed frequent updates and solid support since its release.

The biggest feature of the iEvo is without a doubt, the Cyclops team itself. This team has continued to hold favorable status in the industry for their great support, frequent updates, and careful attention to customer comments and complaints. Having a foundation like that gives great confidence for the longevity of a product, especially when coming from a cheaper R4 clone card.

Every advanced feature found across other cards separately is built right into the Cyclo iEvo card. The iEvo card can safely load a large percentage of the available DS and DSi library right out of the box and improvements are being made every month. A big part of the Cyclo iEvo’s strength in running games comes from its unique compatibility layer which lets you switch between DS and DSi mode to take advantage of your updated DS console’s improved hardware or match the higher compatibility of an older one.

The Cyclo iEvolution card has additional technologies to aid with current and future compatibility with games and consoles. The stealth mode also provides increased compatibility with AP-Protected games over that of other cards. GBA games are also supported natively, something no other cards allows without a slot-2 device. The iEvo even comes stock with cheat passes for over 300 games. The iEvo also uses a hardware usb update method for its firmware so that it is safe to update even if you update your DSi or 3DS beyond the Cyclo iEvo card.

All of the Cylco iEvo’s features can be accessed via the menu even while browsing games. You can also perform desktop like functions like move, delete, copy, or even add shortcuts to files and folders for quicker navigation. Skinning is supported and you can tweak other aspects of the GUI to suit your tastes. You also find the usual advanced feature like soft-reset and Real Time Save.

Everything about the Cyclops DS iEvolution card speaks of its premium status. From the custom tin and foam die-cut packaging to the smooth and clean GUI, there will be no doubt that you have the finest and most dependable card your DS will ever know. It’s expensive, but definitely worth it.

Unique features - native DSi support!
This new Cyclo iEvolution offers new, revolutionary features! Competitor’s devices which support the DSi, currently work only in DSL mode, which means that the unique to DSi features such as camera and SD access are not functional.

The iEVO will be the first flash cart in the market to enable this functionality, starting with homebrew applications and later support for commercial ROM’s.

There are many potential uses for these features and we’re sure that the Homebrew scene will be delighted to support this functionality.

Firmware is stored in internal memory (unlike many other similar carts saving it on SD memory as a file).

Boasting superior functionality, European design and quality components, CycloDS Evolution is unparalleled in its field.

Unique enhanced mode
The unique enhanced mode offers powerful, unique features during game play which are activated through an in-game menu. These features include in-game LCD brightness adjustment, SlowMotion mode and in-game reset.

Cheat codes
The cheat code engine is directly compatible with Action Replay codes and CycloDS Evolution comes bundled with cheat codes for over 300 games so you can get started right away without any fuss.

Automatic DLDI for home brew suport
CycloDS Evolution’s inbuilt OS can run commercial ROM’s and homebrew software without the need for any patching on the users part. ROM loading is fast and trouble free, simply browse to the game you want to play and tap to execute. You don’t even need to apply DLDI patches to your homebrew software; CycloDS Evolution takes care of this for you with its automatic DLDI patching feature.

Compatible with the Moonshell multimedia application.

Micro SD memory support
Evolution loads media from MicroSD cards, which means you’re free to buy more memory at any time, never constrained by the boundaries of onboard flash memory. Transferring games and homebrew software is simple using the supplied MicroSD USB reader. Simply connect to your PC and drag and drop the desired files onto your MicroSD card.

Easy to use, nice user interface
The CycloDS Evolution GUI was designed with user friendliness in mind and can be operated exclusively with the stylus if desired. Skinning is supported which means you’ll always have a fresh view of our product at your fingertips. The user interface is multi-lingual, currently supporting the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Portuguese.

Download Play support
Game sharing is painless with CycloDS Evolution. Unlike most other devices on the market, CycloDS Evolution supports single card download play even with trouble games such as Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Bros.

You may also use the EZ Flash Expansion Pack 3-in-1 to play GBA games, use DS Browser and get Rumble function (not on DSi/XL)

Cyclo DS iEvlotion specifications:
Comming soon...

Cyclo DS Evlotion specifications:
  • Completely plug and play - no FlashMe, PassMe or PC software required
  • 100% game compatibility, supports clean ROMs - works on any OS
  • Full NDS download play support, including problem games such as Mario Kart DS
  • Action Replay compatible cheat code engine, comes bundled with cheat codes for over 300 games!
  • Uses MicroSD card, both FAT16 and FAT32 supported
  • Save type is automatically detected, no need for a save type database
  • Save directly to MicroSD rather than onboard flash
  • User friendly, easily skinnable interface. Both touch screen and button operation supported
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • "Enhanced Mode" which provides powerful, unique features during game play. Enhanced features are activated through an in-game menu. Enhanced mode features include:
    - Adjust LCD brightness during game play (NDSLite only)
    - SlowMotion mode which can be used to slow down game play to make fast paced action sequences easier to master
    - Return to CycloDS Evolution Menu (aka soft reset)
  • Excellent homebrew compatibility thanks to the DLDI auto-patcher
    2 megabytes of onboard flash memory which contains the CycloDS Evolution OS and will be utilised in the future to add exciting new features. A recovery mode is also included.
  • Autoboot mode which when activated will directly boot into the last ROM or homebrew application executed
  • Moonshell included to provide media playing functionality
  • PassMe function (boot from slot 2)
  • Supports rumble and memory expansions

    Cyclo DS iEvolution package contents:
  • CycloDS iEvolution, white
  • USB bootstrap programmer
  • USB MicroSD reader/writer

    NOTE: iEvolution is distributed in a completely blank state and does not contain any illegal content. Boot file and firmware must be installed by the final user.


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