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Category           » Nintendo® Wii  / Development tools
Brand           » D2Sun

SunDriver SATA, ODE mod chip for Nintendo Wii

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Product Code: SunDvrS
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SunDriver SATA, ODE mod chip for Nintendo Wii

Replaces entirely your Wii DVD. Runs ISOs directly fom SATA hard drive! Plug and play, no soldering, USB file transfer. Supports all Wii modells including D3-2.

Bulk pack. Includes the PCB, USB and SATA cable.

News - July.03-2010

The new PC APP upgrade pack V004 (Included the firmware V2.01 upgrade pack) for SunDriver is released! Support the new Sun-Iso now, and skin changeable! Please download from here.

SunDriver is completly new mod chip sollution. It works on ALL wii chipsets and use ISO files to emulate DVD. Installation is very easy!

Review - all the troublesome titles worked great, loads super fast and no hiccups at all.

To use SunDrive you must remove your Wii DVD entirely and place the SunDrive instead. You wil not be able to use DVDs anymore, instead. you can store and run ISO files direktctly from CF or hard drive.

Note: SunDrive is shipped without any storage mamory. You can install inside the SunDrive standard 2.5 inch SATA hard drive.


Connect the SundDrive to your PC with Windows (Win2K, XP, Vista, Win7) using USB cable. Copy your backup ISO files to the hard drive inside the SunDrive. SunDrive will run the ISO files just as it was real DVDs.

Using big hard drive you will be able to store a lot of backups! No more need of swaping DVD discs.

Technical specifications:

  • support the last BCA check
  • plug and play,100% solderless
  • come with A.I. Boot to auto choose region, support JAP/USA/KOR/EUR all regions perfectly,100% smart and play & play!
  • support all old and last wiis
  • support D5/D9 games
  • support homebrew roms
  • support GC games
  • support all Wii games with same region
  • support partial Wii games with different region
  • come with LED indication on board
  • support USB update CPLD core and EEPROM firmware, never out day
  • come with external switch configure board, can change the SUNDRIVER setting and not need open your Wii anymore
  • support use PC to select game via USB port
  • support NGC game menu, can select game via a nicely GUI, and support Wii console RESET & EJECT button to operate, or use NGC game pad
  • running speed: >8X
  • data transfer : USB 2.0 high speed, transfer one D5 ISO just need 3:30~5:00 minutes
  • support SATA HD (internal) up to 2000GByte, can store up to 424 games in your HD totally

• Support region display of the game in NGC menu
• Support hardware & menu version display in NGC menu
• Support SUN-ISO format

You will need both triwing and small star screwdrivers to open your Wii.

NOTE: You need to uppdate the SunDriver firmware to latest version. We strongly reccomend to order the Nero DualProgrammer.


Sun-ISO v0.15 Summary

SunDriver SATA and IDE v2.02 (or higher) compatible. Older versions require to perform the SunDriver v2.03 update. You need to downlod this ISO at your own.


  • Sun-ISO v0.15 application for PC with Windows XP/Vista/7™ OS.
  • GC menu v7 (.iso) + GC menu wallpapers (x64) + WII/GC game covers (x3816) included.

Patches Sun-ISO v0.15

- Add the ability of show the same region games only
- Auto detection of the screen size, it can help laptop user
- Fix one online game playing issue when use the NGC menu to start the game (just like Mario Kart)
- Supports more languages

New features v2.02

- AutoRun function : After being selected, the game starts directly when the console restarts !
- Support game cover display (PC + GC menu)
- Support GC menu skin changeable
- Support the region display of the game in GC menu
- Support the hardware and menu version display in GC menu
- Ability to rename game files with display as such in the GC menu
- Support WBFS (reducing the file size to the game data only)
- Update the skin and WII/GC cover databank

Add-on v2.03

- Enable/disable modchip options from the GC menu (hold EJECT + RESET to enter the options page


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