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Category           » Nintendo® Wii  / Mod Chips
Brand           » Wode

WODE Jukebox V2 - Wii Optical Drive Emulator HDD, USB ripping vertical stand

Not avalible.
51.49 €

2 or more 46.99 €
Wode Product Code: wde2
Weight: 0.33kg

WODE Jukebox V2 - Wii Optical Drive Emulator HDD, USB ripping vertical stand

In stock latest silver Wode version.

Ground breaking evolution of a mod chip for Wii! Easy install Plug and Play hardware. Includes spcial stand with LCD, USB and SD slots. No soft mod needed.

WODE mod for wii

*** We are official distributors of the Wode. Wholesale avalible. ***

Wode news:

  • WODE ripping function - How to copy Wii games without PC, without softmods!
  • New fimrware v2.1 (26/04/2010)
  • Comming very soon - new update that provides WiFi functionality and Windows SAMBA share support!

    >> Wode Jukebox omtale og installasjonsveiledning (Review and installation guide in Norwegian)

    >> Review - Looks solid, runs seemless and offers much more than competitors!

    >> Review - it does live up ro its hype! Perfect software compatibility and easy to use.

    Why to choose WODE? The simple answear is that it is very easy to use and do not need any soft mods (no hassle with home bre installations and blocking by new Wii updates).

    What can you do with WODE Jukebox ?

    The main benefit is that it is very easy to install and use! You will be able to play GC and Wii ISOs (backups of legally purchased software and homebrew) from any USB mass storage device!

    USB HDD are big and relativly cheap these days... USB memory sticks works fine as well. Many file systems are supported. It offers also few other hacks. You can play DVDR imports, backups, etc.. also using external USB DVD player will be possible!

    The Operating System is LINUX (Linux 2.6.29 & an old OpenWRT Kamikaze release) and allows to manage WIFi connection and many others features, just like a Mini Computer. Expanding possibilities with new software features are endless!

    With WIFI and SAMBA client you will be able to mount network volumes (play in streaming from your PC) and share local WODE volumes in the network. A special WODE USB WiFi dongle will be avalible as accessory.

    WODE include a Flatmod type mainboard that attaches (solderless) to the Wii drive cable similar to some modchips.

    It also comes with its own vertical stand that harnesses a slave board with buil-t LCD, small joystick, USB and SD slot. The SD card is to store the powerfull WODE Linux based software .

    WODE is compatible with WII DMS, D2B, D2A, D2C, D2C2, D3, D3-2 boards.
  • Play Wii & GC game ISOs direct from USB Mass Storage devices @8X read speed (HDD and FLASH drive)
  • Complete Solder free install solution
  • Easy to use GUI - LCD & Joystick - NO homebrew software required (no any update of console SO can block this device)
  • Region hack, Update blocker, Autoboot.
  • Passthrough with FLAT-MOD mode built-in, play your DVD-R Wii&GC backups and Imports @3X read speed (this feature does not work on D3 version 2+ drives)
  • Powerful ARM9 MCU
  • Totally Flexible Linux Kernel
  • USB hub support for multiple USB devices connection
  • Disc ripping to WBFS
  • USB WiFi & SAMBA streaming
  • Works also on Wii menu v4.3

    - Great File System support - use existing WBFS formatted media or drag and drop ISOs to existing USB devices
    * NTFS
    * WBFS
    * EXT3FS
    * HPFS

    The WODE kit include:
  • WODE main board (a little chip board to install inside the WII plug and play like DRIVEKEY etc)
  • WODE slave board that include LCD + Joystick + USB Connevtor + SD Card Slot
  • Special vertical stand WODE with the slave board inside
  • Cable kit to connect MAIN and SLAVE board togheter and USB power cable to connect to USB port on WII
  • Bulk packing (no retail box)

    The weight is about 30% more than a standard WII vertical stand, dimensions are very similar.

    *** Wholesale prices avalible! Please contact us if you are a retailer. ***


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