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Category           » Nintendo® Wii  / Development tools
Brand           » WiiKey

DriveKey, modchip for Wii D3 / D2nothing

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DriveKey, modchip for Wii D3 / D2nothing

The first true modchip for D3 / D2 nothing drives. (not D3-2). Solderless, easy installation.The first true modchip for D3 / D2 nothing drives. (not D3-2). Solderless, easy installation.

NOTE: This DriveKey frmware is not updated for SNMB compatibility.

You can easy update the Drivekey using the DK Programmer or Injectus USB programmers!

> Read review!

NOTE 2009-11 Rhis chip is not compatibe with newD4 chipsets and D3-2 Wii, produced after August 2009. Read more below... and on WiiNews.

Check your Wii chipset version:
>> http://www.wiidrives.com/list
>> http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/Wii_chipset_version

Benefits of the DriveKey:

  • Drivekey iis a plug-and-play solderless solution for ALL current wii drives. It has region overrride features (USA/JAP/PAL/KOR), works with both Wii and GC games.
  • The DriveKey once installed is just as simple to use as any other chip on the market, it will unlock your machine to be able to play original imported games from around the world.
  • Homebrew is another important aspect of why you would want to chip your machine, the Wii DVD player software is a great example, this homebrew software will allow you to play DVD movies on your Wii which was not possible in an un-modified state, so far there is a host of homebrew applications that really expand the Wii experience.
  • You will be also able to play legitimate backups of your original games as well, so no longer can the kids destroy games as you can make a backup copy for them to use and keep the original in a nice safe place.

    New hot features: (beside all the standard features)
  • On-board SPI flash, fully updatable via DVD
  • FPGA fully updatable via JTAG external programmer
  • JTAG software automatically downloads individually signed updates from DriveKey server
  • Configurable Region Override
  • Configurable Update Blocker - avoiding any kind of bricking issues.
  • Enable/Disable DriveKey via the config menu
  • Config option to autoboot Wii discs (insert the disc, the game will load immediately!)
  • No need to burn/run a DVD to access the config options - just press the eject button 3 times and presto! The config system loads directly from the SPI Flash!

    Made by same team as WiiKey, D2CKey and D2Pro chips, asures its best reliability and quality!

    The Drive Key is the best sollution for latest Wii DVD with no chipset - D3 / D2nothing, or D2E expoxy protected chipsets.

    DriveKey - Wii chip for D3 / D2 nothing chipsets

    DVD Flast cable is also included in this package:
    DriveKey - Wii mod chip for D3 / D2 nothing chipset

    Note that the WiiKey 2 (or similar chips) is still one of the the best sollutions for all other Wii modells and chipsets. DriveKey is not ment to be a replacement, its mentioned to be used and works best only on the D3 / D2nothing Wii DVDs. There is no other/better sollutions for those DVD.

    DriveKey sits on the bus between the Wii motherboard and the DVD drive. It transparently monitors all data transmitted. When a backup disc is inserted DriveKey emulates an original game disc by transmitting and patching necessary data. DriveKey has full control and can read the entire DVD media.

    >> Installation video.

    A traditional chip such as the WiiKey 2 does have some advantages over the DriveKey, first being that the WiiKey 2 will support full drive speed, where the DriveKey only supports 2x read, this won’t be a huge problem and will just cause some of the games to load a fraction slower.

    NOTE: Not compatibe with new D3-2 Wii.
    If you bought your Wii console before Aug 09 you do not need to read this... WARNING, if you bought it after Aug 09 please read on.

    There has been a new DVD drive released in the latest Wii consoles, they started to show up Aug 09 and the drive is called D3-2, currently there is no chip that will work on these drives, the only option is to replace the DVD drive or drive board, then you can use chips like the Solderless WiiKey 2 or even DriveKey or Wasabi DX.

    If you need DVD or DVD board, we can offer those, look below.


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