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Category           » Sony® PS3  / PC Accessories  / Development Boards  / Tools and parts
Brand           » E3

E3 NOR Flasher Limited Edition kit (PS3), incl. ESATA HDD Station

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81.99 €
E3 Product Code: E3FL
Weight: 0.5kg

E3 NOR Flasher Limited Edition kit (PS3), incl. ESATA HDD Station

Special device to help you programme NOR flash memory and get dual-boot on your PS3.

E3 Flasher support all electronic devices like DVD/BD/PS3/WII/XBOX360/MP3/MP4/Table PC which has NOR flash memory.

This is the world’s first Dual-Boot, with simple 1 key operation! Compatible with most of PS3 Fat and Slim (se the compatibility list)

E3 flasher has a special design for PS3, to allow user install and operation easier, and even get more function like dual boot and downgrade (new ofw 4.0 and 3.7X to 3.55).

E3 flasher is also easy upgradable from TF card and PC USB. it has 16M Nor flash memory on board, so you can save data on E3 flasher or TF card in few min, no need connect to PC anymore.

Actuelly you do not need any extra HDD because you can take out the PS3 internal HDD and put into E3 esata station. It will work like internal HDD.

But every time you change FW, you must fomat and upgrade the HDD. So if you want to get more function like dual boot and fast switch FW function, its better to prepare another HDD. If you do not want t reformat your HDD each time. Its best to have one HDD for each FW.

E3 flasher currently can support all Slim PS3 models and Nor Fat PS3 models with no soldering.

>> See NAND / NOR compatibility chart for PS3 Fat
>> See NAND / NOR compatibility chart for PS3 Slim

How to Update E3 flasher:
Alternative 1: copy file into kernelboot disk
Alternative 2: copy file into TF card

>> Download the update file here

This is 100% solderless tool! No soldering skills required to install this item.

>> E3 Flasher installation guide download


  • Compatiable all device like PS3 Fat/ PS3 Slim / WII / XBOX360 / MP3 / DVD / BD / MP4 / Table PC etc... all which has NOR flash memory.
  • Dual Boot 3.7OFW and 3.55CFW on same PS3
  • Downgrade 3.7 to 3.55 in 5min
  • 16M NOR FLASH ON board
  • 3 save MODE, can save data in TF, NOR FLASH on board and PC HD
  • 1 KEY operation, simple is best
  • Upgradable from TF card or PC USB
  • Integrated lots of interface, perfectly extension, will have more function with future new E3 accessory.

    The E3 Flasher Limited version includes 8 accessories. Total 3 boxes with 11 parts!

    NOTE: 2 scredrivers included: T8 Torx and star

    A list to show flash version on diffirence consoles:
  • CECHA/COK-001 up to including CECHE/COK-002W : NAND FLASH
  • CECHH/DIA-001 up to including CECHK/DIA-002 : NOR FLASH
  • CECHL/VER-001 (1-878-196-31) : NOR FLASH
  • CECHL/VER-001 and PS3 Slim 2... : NOR FLASH
  • All SLIM console is NOR FLASH

    PS3 installation tutorial video:

    Retail pack.

    How to avoid problems when using the E3 Flasher:
    1. The button of the clip soft board must be pressed compactly; make sure it’s in balance between the buttons and the board, they must be pressed seamlessly.
    2. Do not interupt while it is downgrading
    3. Micro SD card must be reformatted before every use
    4. Shut down two times to cut off power supply
    5. You can t install any other 3.55FW after downgrade to 3.55, just install MULTIMAN directly

    Genuine E3 Product!

    *** NOTE! Return policy for this kind of products - no return possible. We exchange it for new one only if the hardware is deffective. If you cant use it please search more info on the internet. The features and software is constantly developing, improving and changing. ***

    *** Ej öppet köp! Ingen returrätt på dessa verktyg, dvs du kan inte köpa psjailbreak, köra downgrade och sedan returnera den. ***

    This device is designed primarily to aid or assist in the repair or replacement of defective hardware and also for the use of and development of legal open source software. It does not enable any kind of piracy or have any code whatsoever that circumvents any kind of protection. We do not support nor encourage, if possible, potential infringements of others intellectual property rights - please do not contact us with any question related to this use as we will not respond. DO NOT use or buy this product if you are looking to perform any illegal activity.


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