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Category           » Sony® PS3  / PC Accessories  / Development Boards  / Tools and parts
Brand           » WiiKey

PS3Key, programable USB dongle

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18.99 €

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Product Code: PS3k
Weight: 0.009kg

PS3Key, programable USB dongle

USB development board.USB development board.>> Check your PS3 SKU Models & Regioning"

The PS3Key can be used for software development and with open source, free software like FTP sever, backup manager and other homebrew applications.

Our PS3Key is the new model with SiliconLabs IC (instead of Atmel).

It has some exciting features, one of which is a much better way to perform updates: After inserting the dongle into a PC, it will show as a "USB Flash Drive" and then its simply a matter of dragging-and-dropping the update file onto the USB drive and the PS3Key will be updated! No application needed!

* USB Plug and Play solution that installs in seconds without any need to open up the PS3.
* Does not break your warranty seal.
* Fully updatable via USB on your PC using an encrypted bootloader
* 32KB onboard flash (most competing products only have 16KB flash)
* Disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.
* Supports most games and homebrew applications.
* Easy-to-use software for backing up, managing, and playing games from external USB Hard Drive.

NOTE: This device can be used with thousands of USB projects. It is ment to be used for homebrew applications and development only. It is not shipped with any software or copyrighted code. We do not encurage piracy and any illegal use of it.

**** Resellers are welcome! ****

If you are a modeer or/and run a shop, please apply to become our reseller! We are authorized dealer, can offer you fast shipments and good reseller prices.

*** NOTE! Return policy for this kind of products - no return possible. We exchange it for new one only if the hardware is deffective. If you cant use it please search more info on the internet. The features and software is constantly developing, improving and changing. ***

*** Ej öppet köp! Ingen returrätt på dessa verktyg, dvs du kan inte köpa psjailbreak, köra downgrade och sedan returnera den. ***

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