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Category           » Sony® PS3  / PC Accessories  / Development Boards  / Tools and parts
Brand           » E3

Clip Suit For E3 Flasher

In Stock
22.99 €

2 or more 15.99 €
2 or more 18.99 €
E3 Product Code: E3FCS
Weight: 0.065kg

Clip Suit For E3 Flasher

Spare part for E3 flasher.Spare part for E3 flasher.>> Check your PS3 SKU Models & Regioning"

>> Downgrade Guides!"

This CLIP Suit is one of the most important spare part of E3 flasher, which works with limited edition and standard edition. It is easy to be broken by incorrect operation and my be needed to be replaced.

E3 flasher works with E3 linker which need solder wires. (Required soldering skills and PS3 experienced knowledge)

E3 flasher works also with the nor flash CLIP.

>> For correct operation / installation, we strongly recommend you to read guide before installation, see the link as below, E3-tech.net

What is included ?
1 X E3 Flasher CLIP Suit (retail boxed version)

Genuine E3 Product!

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