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Category           » Sony® PS3  / PC Accessories  / Development Boards  / Tools and parts
Brand           » 3k3y

3k3y hardware ripper PCB add-on (PS3 Fat)

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58.49 €

2 or more 55.99 €
3k3y Product Code: 3k3yR
Weight: 0.125kg

3k3y hardware ripper PCB add-on (PS3 Fat)

Makes perfect backups. Very fast.Makes perfect backups. Very fast.


NOTE: Those products are quite old and there is not technical support, manufacturer is gone since long time. You are buying this on your own risk, and you must know how to use it. Before ordering, please do check serach engines and forums to find out how to use it.



  • PS3 Fat consoles only

    2014-02-13 *** IMPORTANT NEWS *** for all Cobra ODE and 3k3y PS3 users! Sony have released new firmware update that blocks those Disk Emulators.

    Both teams are of course working now to solve this biut for now.. DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PS3 to firmware 4.55 !!!

    V4.53 is the last safe to use, do NOT use newer PS3 firmare until this issue is solved by Cobra nd 3k3y.

    Game backup feature (ripper):
  • 3k3y is true ODE and uses a full ISO files. ISO from decrypted dumps wont work. The ripping feature of 3k3y is very essential as the full ISO is needed...
  • 3k3y Ripper App Rebuilds Scene Rips! Extensive research has gone into this and we are now very proud to announce that the Ripper App now can rebuild complete ISO files from decrypted scene or jailbreak rips. To do so it needs ISO Rebuild Data, or IRD. This data consists of standard ISO headers, file system structure information and other metadata, and is as such freely distributable as it does not contain any copyrighted content.

    Package contents:
  • 3K3y Hardware ripper add-on PCB board + flat cable

    Packing: Bulk.

    *** Resellers are welcome! ***

    NOTE: Avoid Purchasing OEM version form Chinese Suppliers, they are Patched to overcome the traditional and simplified Chinese Restriction put in the kernel by the 3K3y Team. The 3k3y would only display Asian languages on the remote and will be NOT be able to run all updates!

    IMPORTANT NOTES: We do not recommend to use and play online while using this product. There is great risk that your console will be permanently blocked/banned.

    This product is ment to be used for homebrew applications and development only. It is not shipped with any software or copyrighted code. We do not encurage piracy and any illegal use of it.




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