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Category           » Nintendo® DS  / NDS Flash Carts  / Nintendo® DSi/LL/XL  / Flash Carts
Brand           » R4

R4i RTS Revolution Platinium, flash cart for Nintendo DS/DSLite/DSi/XL/3DS

Not avalible.
11.76 €

2 or more 10.58 €
R4 Product Code: R4iPT
EAN: 6196590283696
Weight: 0.015kg

R4i RTS Revolution Platinium, flash cart for Nintendo DS/DSLite/DSi/XL/3DS

New nice GUI. Real Time Save. Supported by M3 Team.This is a R4 version from 2010-12.

The main difference compared to most cheap flash cards (and other R4 versions) is the very appreciated RTS feature - in game Real Time Save. You can your game any time and continue playing later.

The new nice and intuitive GUI (graphic user interface) is very user friendly. The core firmware of this R4 model CAN be updated (just like Acecard 2i and others). This means it is more future proof than older R4.

Compatibility: (2011-10)

  • Nintendo DS / DSLite consoles.
  • Nntendo 3DS consoles (Ver. 2.1.0-3E, Ver. 2.1.0-3J, Ver. 2.1.0-3U)
  • DSi Ver Ver 1.4.3E, Ver 1.4.3J, Ver 1.4.3U, Ver 1.4.4C
  • *** Unfortunatly the manufacturer stopped supportingthis cart 2012, now new updates but it works on older, consoles and formware. *** If you have newer version of you console firmware than above, do not buy this flash cart.

  • Full touch and button operations.

    All interface functions are available through the stylus clicks or buttons. Along with real human designed system which allow users to achieve convenient drag operation. It has a dynamic menu providing a gorgeous smooth, translucent form of operation. And with features such as Gaussian blur, zoom and other interface effects. The layout of the function interface is well arranged and user friendly.
    * When interface is operated by buttons unnoticeable floating boxes will be displayed for the selected corresponding features
  • Practical and convinient 12 shortcuts channel

    The main interface on the screen can be customized with various styles: electronic clock and calendar, along with backgrounds such as natural scenery, or seasonal images. The three icons just below the screen are quick launchers, and on the main screen it provides 8 commonly used shortcuts. To increase the number of shortcuts simply slides the screen up for a total of 12 shortcuts. With well-organized icons layout it will provide you with the most efficient and convenient operating experience.

    - using the shortcut menu you may add your favorite games onto the shortcut list.
  • Powerfull game setting options

    Cheats, real time saving, soft reset, on-line mode (Download Play), multiple functions can be used through a simple switch. Not only can the cheat support the common AR, DAT formats, it also has the option to display text in 12 different languages. Real time saving providing the most effective achieving in the industry*1, The game setting interface can be used with the on screen touch and button control.

    - Of 5047 NDS games, only 116 is incompatible (2010-12) with instant archiving, RTS is at a 97.7% rate, thus the highest level for the industry.
    - Statistics up to date as of June 29, 2010. Future kernel will improve the compatibility to new games.
    - During online game modes (Download Play), RTS, soft reset, cheat functions are disabled.
  • System settings

    System Settings is compatible with 12 languages*1. .From the menu you will see the follow options "interface theme" and "wallpaper" setting, and audio settings.

    - 1.12 English language, including ENU, FRA French, DEU German, ITA Italian, ESN Spanish, PTB Portuguese, NLD Dutch, RUS Russian, JPN Japanese, KOR Korean, CHS Simplified Chinese, CHT Traditional Chinese
  • Many other options

    - Press and hold the game icon for more than 3 seconds a "-" symbol will appear which will allow you to delete a shortcut.
    - When the console is inactive for 10 seconds it will automatically activate the screen saver.
    - To activate global game settings; on the game list slide the "R" key slider to "RESET" to ON, now you may soft reset globally.


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