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Category           » Retro gaming

Sega Megadrive Genesis super 126-in-1 cart

In Stock
27.99 €

2 or more 22.99 €
Product Code: DP-SMG126
Weight: 0.2kg

Sega Megadrive Genesis super 126-in-1 cart

For all retro game lovers, this Sega cart gives you real trip back in time. 126 games that makes you remember old times, order now!

  • Works on Sega Megadrive Genesis genuine consoles and good quality clone consoles
  • Comaptible with EUR/US/JAP versions (few games may not work on all regions)
  • No save function.
  • Top quality, genuine 16bit 1.5G cartridge (not fake/clone)


This product is not made nor associated with Sega (R). Different countries have different laws and patens. You are buying/using this product on your own risk and responsibility. If you are unsure if you can use this product in your country do not buy it.


NOTE: This item is shipped directly from wharehouse in Asia. Usual shipping times:

  • USA: 11-20 workdays ePacket. 7-16 days DHL. Most other countries 23-30 workdays registered mail, 5-11 workdays DHL. We ship to all countries, for some destinatins shipping time may be longer, some faster.
  • NOTE: We do not charge any taxes for this item. In some countries and cases import taxes/fees may apply. These fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. We will not be reponsible for this kind of charges.

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