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Sony® PS3

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360-Clip, solderless IC adapter, 48-pin, TSOP48, (32-pin FPC), green PCB
Universal use. Supportts NAND / dual NAND chips. To be used with NAND programmers. Works wit..
Model: TW_1104
43.51 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
HDfury USB Doctor QC2.0 - Universal USB Smart & Fast Charger Adapter
Safely turn ANY USB ports into an Universal USB fast-charging port. Compatible with Android&a..
Model: hdf-usbd
27.05 €
In Stock !
HDFury Linker - scaling up to 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz, HDMI, 2 inputs, 1 output,  HDCP2.2 remover
Smallest Scaler in the World - Biggest Game Changer No more boundaries in HDMI | One device t..
Model: HDF4K-LKR
223.44 €
In Stock !
HDFury 4K Splitter Ultra HD Pro, HDMI DVI-D, Upscaling, Downscaling, Image Enhancement
HD Fury Splitter 4K UHD/PRO is a 2-Port DVI/HDMI splitter with integrated HDCP decryption/encrypt..
Model: HDF4K-SPL
108.19 €
In Stock !
HDFury 4S Scaler / 3DFury Basic Kit
4K HDMI 2.0 Scaler / Converter HDfury4S offers all the features and controls you need to solv..
Model: HDF4sBK
235.20 €
In Stock !
Minimus AVR 32K, programable USB dev kit
USB development board.USB development board.>> Check your PS3 SKU Models & Regioning" ..
Model: MnAVR32
35.28 €
In Stock !
DoubleShock III Six Axis wireless game pad, BT/USB, for PS3 (white)
Good quality and low price. Equipped with SIXAXIS™ and rumble. Almost identical to the original g..
Model: ps3gp4-w
18.82 €
In Stock !
DMC add-on PCB for Cobra ODE
The new DMC module for PHAT PATA, SATA PHAT, 2k, 2k5 and 3k consoles enables use of all versions ..
Model: CbrDMC
18.58 €
In Stock !
DoubleShock III Six Axis wireless game pad, BT/USB, for PS3 (black)
Good quality and low price. Equipped with SIXAXIS™ and rumble. Almost identical to the original g..
Model: ps3gp4
11.76 €
In Stock !
XCM Component Splitter, audio / video
Inputs: Audio: L R Video: Y Pb Pr Outputs: 2 x Audio: L R 2 x V..
Model: xcm-CS
9.41 €
Not avalible.
PS3 Max Shooter, Sony PS2 and PC PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter
This adapter allows you to use a PC keyboard and PC mouse on your PS3/PS3 slim Console when you a..
Model: LN000372
35.28 €
In Stock !
E3 NOR Flasher Limited Edition kit (PS3), incl. ESATA HDD Station
Special device to help you programme NOR flash memory and get dual-boot on your PS3. E3 Flash..
Model: E3FL
70.56 €
In Stock !
E3 NOR Flasher (PS3), solderless
Special device to help you programme NOR flash memory and get dual-boot on your PS3.Special devic..
Model: E3F
54.10 €
In Stock !
ProgSkeet USB programmer v1.0
This is a programmer for ProgSkeet.This is a programmer for ProgSkeet.Works just like Injectus US..
Model: PrSkPr1
23.28 €
In Stock !
ProgSkeet dual adaptor PCB kit, with FFC cables
Adaptor board to connect to progskeet one or two NAND CLIP SOLDERLESS.Adaptor board to connect to..
Model: PrSkAdp
14.11 €
In Stock !
3k3y ODE Complet kit - for PS3 4000 Super Slim
The 3k3y (PS3key) is an awesome product that allow you to rip and play games from any USB hard dr..
Model: 3KSS
65.86 €
In Stock !
HDfury 3 1080p Full-HD, HDMI 1.3 to Component/RGB Converter (black)
The best converter on the market! It upgrades any TV or projector by adding HDMI! Watch hi-d..
Model: vid-hdf3
211.68 €
152.88 €
In Stock !
XCM XFPS Storm Gun for Sony PS3
The Storm Gun support CRT, LCD, Plasma, DLP as well as Projector. It supports every gun shooting ..
Model: ps3-xlgf
75.26 €
In Stock !
DoubleShock III Six Axis wireless game pad, BT/USB, for PS3 (camo green-brown-black-white)
Good quality and low price. Equipped with SIXAXIS™ and rumble.Good quality and low price. Equippe..
Model: ps3gp2
9.41 €
In Stock !
Clip Suit For E3 Flasher
Spare part for E3 flasher.Spare part for E3 flasher.>> Check your PS3 SKU Models & Regi..
Model: E3FCS
21.17 €
In Stock !
HDfury 4 3D 1080p Full-HD, HDMI 1.4 to Component/RGB/DVI-D/HDMI Converter (black)
  Add HDMI 2D/3D video and audio to ANY TV, Monitor, Proj (even 60hz TV !)Add HDMI ..
Model: vid-hdf4
341.04 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
17 blades replacement cooling fan for PS3 Slim
OEM replacement parts. *** Refubrished 3 month warranty. ***OEM replacement parts. *** Refubrishe..
Model: ps3-scfr
14.82 €
2.35 €
In Stock !
Dominator Grip Resistance Thumb Sticks, 2-pack, blue (Olimpique Lyonnais)
Enhance the grip from your controller and dominate your opponents !Enhance the grip from your con..
Model: ps3-oldg
4.91 €
In Stock !
VBox2 Advanced - console to Notebokk VGA adapter and recorder
Enable video game play on your laptop, netbook and desktop! It offers also video capture capability...
Model: xcm-vb2
61.15 €
11.76 €
Not avalible.
Sony Playstation 3 Blu-ray remote control, Bluetooth
The PS3 Blu-ray remote control enables users streamlined access to the PS3 systems disc features.The..
Model: ps3-brdrco
23.52 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
Sony Blue Ray KES-400A laser lens, for PS3
*** Refubrished - 3 month warranty ***. Original replacement part.*** Refubrished - 3 month warra..
Model: KES-400A
47.04 €
In Stock !
External cooling fan for PS3 fat, with temp. sensor
Built in temp sensor - automatic activating / deactivating the fans at 40 deg. CBuilt in temp sen..
Model: PG-P3030
11.43 €
Not avalible.
Cross Battle Adapter for PS3 (XCM)
The Cross battle adapter is an adapter to allow you to connect your Xbox 360™ wired controller to yo..
Model: ps3-xcba
16.38 €
11.76 €
In Stock !
CronusX Wireless Modding Device and Cross-over Gaming adapter, game pad adapter for PC/PS3/Wii/XBox360
The CronusX device allows you to use your favorite controller on any console you want AND apply s..
Model: CrnsX
70.56 €
52.92 €
In Stock !
Sony Blue Ray KEM-450 AAA laser lens complerte with with deck, for PS3 Slim
Original replacement part.Original replacement part.Includes the laser itself and also the mechanism..
Model: KEM-450AAA
35.28 €
In Stock !
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