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Sony® PS3

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Universal A/V Component Cable 4-in-1 for Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PS3
High quality cable for any TV system. RCA connectors.Hogh quality cable for any TV system. RCA co..
Model: SK-001
8.99 €
In Stock !
EZ Flash HDD Expander, internatl to external S-ATA HDD adapter for PS3 Slim
Nice and easy way to attach external SATA hdd to you PS3 console!Nice and easy way to attach exte..
Model: EZF-HDxp3
6.99 €
In Stock !
Sony Blue Ray KES-470AAA laser lens, for PS3 Slim
New original replacement part.It is a common problem that PS3 has reading issues. It can take ver..
Model: KES-470AAA
27.99 €
In Stock !
Xbox 360 Thermal Pads - Set RAM Heatsinks (4 PCS)
HANA ANA Southbridge RAM Chips. Prevents RROD.HANA ANA Southbridge RAM Chips. Prevents RROD.Special ..
Model: xbrhs
3.99 €
In Stock !
XBox 360 RROD/RLOD Fix (bulk, 10-pack version)
It fixes Xbox 360 with RROD (Red Ring Of Death, aka RLOD Red Light Of Death) syndrome due to overhea..
Model: XB360-rrf10
20.99 €
In Stock !
PS3 Move Pistol
For use with PS Move and PS3 Light Gun shooting games.For use with PS Move and PS3 Light Gun shootin..
Model: HDZ-P3-002
5.49 €
0.99 €
In Stock !
HDfury 2 1080prgb - HDMI to Component RGB display convertor
Connect any HDMI source in Full HD 1080p to any any any RGB display.Connect any HDMI source ..
Model: vid-hdf2
168.99 €
In Stock !
Sony Playstation 3 Bluetooth Keyboard (BT)
Provides the freedom of easy to use texting and mouse input capabilities, all while maintaining full..
Model: ps3-qk
41.99 €
11.99 €
In Stock !
PS3 Light Gun for PS Move
Comfortable, nice finish. Add great feeling for shooting games.Comfortable, nice finish. Add grea..
Model: ps3-mlg
7.99 €
0.99 €
In Stock !
PS3 E-setter, output resolution switch, USB
The e-setter is a device for users to set up the output resolution easily, switch a buttons and get ..
Model: ps3-xeset
20.99 €
11.99 €
In Stock !
Minimus Case, black
This is a very high quality case design by the famous Team Xecuter for the popular Minimus AVR USB D..
Model: MnAVR-Cb
3.49 €
In Stock !
Dominator Grip Resistance Thumb Sticks, 2-pack, blue (game pad caps)
Enhance the grip from your controller and dominate your opponents !Enhance the grip from your contro..
Model: ps3-omdg
4.99 €
In Stock !
E3 Power Switch
Made of fireproof, high pressure resistant material, very safe to use.Made of fireproof, high pressu..
Model: E3S
3.99 €
In Stock !
PS3 Move quad charger station, USB (black)
For use with PS Move.For use with PS Move.Four PS Move controllers kan be charged at once. &nbs..
Model: XD-P3008D
7.99 €
1.99 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
Intensafire, rapid fire mod for PS3
The IntensaFire works on stock PlayStation 3 controllers. It offers blistering fast rates of fire an..
Model: intsaPS3
30.99 €
In Stock !
Cross Battle Adapter 2 for PS3
The Cross battle adapter 2.0 is an adapter that allows you to connect your Xbox 360 wired controller..
Model: ps3-xcb2
47.99 €
11.99 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
Allow dual boot on xbox 360 slim !!! It allow to enable DUAL NAND feature on PROGSKEET.Allow dual bo..
Model: ndPCB16
22.99 €
In Stock !
Video universal VGA box  Full HD 1080p, USB
Compatible with Wii™, PS3™, Xbox 360™ etc. (PAL & NTSC). Contects consoles to VGA monitor/projector ..
Model: vid-xuvb
46.99 €
In Stock !
XCM Analog Thumb Sticks with LED light, for Xbox 360 game pads
You can have 7 different colors on 2 sticks.You can have 7 different colors on 2 sticks.XCM LED Anal..
Model: xb360-xled
13.99 €
In Stock !
XCM Analog Thumb Sticks with LED light
You can have 2 different colors on 2 sticks (there is a total of 49 color combinations to choose fro..
Model: ps3-xled
13.99 €
In Stock !
XFPS 4.0 Force for PS3
Connect PS/2 or USB mouse and keyboard to your PS 3.Connect PS/2 or USB mouse and keyboard to your P..
Model: ps3-xfps4
47.99 €
11.99 €
In Stock !
Minimus AVR, programable USB dev kit
USB development board.USB development board.>> Check your PS3 SKU Models & Regioning" ..
Model: MnAVR
20.99 €
In Stock !
HDXT Hard Drive Xtender for PS3
Add any SATA or IDE Hard Drive externally to the PS3.Add any SATA or IDE Hard Drive externally to th..
Model: ps3-hdxt
18.99 €
In Stock !
UMD Cleaning System for PSP, PSP Slim and Lite
Simple and effective UMD cleaning system.Simple and effective UMD cleaning system.Put the UMD in the..
Model: psp-clean
5.99 €
In Stock !
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