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Super Everdrive 16-bit Flash Cart SNES & SFC - retro Game Flash Cartridge / Game Card 48MBit

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58.99 €

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Product Code: DP-ED16bitSNES
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Super Everdrive 16-bit Flash Cart SNES & SFC - retro Game Flash Cartridge / Game Card 48MBit

Super Everdrive Card (China version) is the best retro games flash cartridge for Super Famicom SFC and SNES.

Best buy!

Support 48M bit capacity of the SNES game, more than 90% SNES/SFC games are supported.  The Super Everdrive does all the important stuff at a fraction of the cost of similar flash cartridges on teh market.

Considering the low price this is an excellent buy and best choice in many users opinion.

Features of the Super Everdrive Game Flash Cartridge:

- FULL support for the version of US,European and Japanese WHOLE series of Super Nintendo game console (works on original consoles and some high quality clones)
- Support NTSC mode and PAL mode of the SFC/SNES host
- Supporting 48M bit capacity of Super Nintendo games perfectly in exclusive. More than 90% games are supported.
- Powerful compatibility of GAME.
- Support Automatic backup and restore game archive. After the shutdown, games are burned on the game card, wont be ever lost. No need for battery
- Full-automatic backup and recovering game saves. Fully automated and fool-proof operation, without any manual intervention on file. Easy and safe.
- Supporting backup games manually and archive to the SD memory card.
- Support download games directly from SD memory into the inside of the product without connecting computer
- Supporting SD / MMC / TF / mini SD memory card,the maximum capacity of memory card to support can reach 32GB, FAT32

(A DSP-1 chip can be added (not included) but it's only needed if you what to play games that require it, like Super Mario Kart and Pilot Wings...)

Shipped without memory card and software.



Super EverDrive User Guide:

If you want to use this device to play SNES games you need to find these on the internet. The actual games are referred to as ROMs and carry a .smc extension. The Everdrive can handle ROMs from all around the world so it doesn't matter what region the ROM originates from. The area of copyright on some or all SNES roms is a grey area. Some publishers don't care anymore and some are still claiming their rights. If you want to be sure don't use the Everdrive for playing games you don't already own.Using this product is on your own responsibility.

Once you obtained one or more ROMs you should put them on the SD-card.

When you fire up your SNES with Everdrive inserted you will see a welcome screen containing five options:

1. Menu-option: start game

This option can be used to start the game that has alread been written (flashed) to the game-chip on the cartridge. The very first time the cartridge is used this game-chip will be empty so there is no game available to start. Once a game has been written to the cartridge you can just fire it up using the "start game" option.

2. Menu-option: select game

This is the where you will be given the option to select a game that will be written to the game-chip of the Everdrive. You can use the SNES-controller to navigate. The bottom of the screen contains the buttons you can use and their functions.

As long as you have an .smc-file available on your SD-card you will be able to select it using the start-button on your controller. This will start the process of writing to the game-chip on the Everdrive:

After the writing process is done the game will start. To proof the game is actually on the game-chip of the everdrive you can now run the Everdrive without the SD-card present. When you choose "start game" from the menu the written game will start normally.

3. Menu-option: options

The option menu contains two choices: "reset return" and "auto save".

The "reset return" option is default set to "on", meaning when you press the reset button on your SNES you will get back to the Everdrive-menu. When set to "off" the reset button will reset the game and you will go back to the game, just like a regular SNES-cartridge.

The "auto save" option is default set to "on". When set to "on" this option ensures that when you write a new game to the game-chip of the Everdrive the save-game from the current written game will be backed up. When you switch this option off there will not be an automatic backup so your savegame will be lost in case you didn't back it up manually.

4. Menu-option: rom settings

This gives a list of features about the currently written ROM to the game-chip:

Some of the values could be changed using the "B" button on the controller, but you shouldn't do this if you have no idea what they mean. This is mostly technical an you shouldn't really use this screen unless you want to do a quick check on the currently written ROM.

5. Menu-option: toolbox

The toolbox-screen will give you a couple of options:

The "save/load sram" option will lead to another menu giving you these options:

[Load from SD]
Can be used to load a savefile (.srm extension) and write this to the cartridge. Please note that some emulators came up with their own format for savegames, these will not work on the actual SNES hardware. Only savegames using .srm extension will work.

[Save to file]
This will write the current savegame from the cartridge to the SD-card. This is the same operation that will be done when autosave is turned on and a new ROM is written to the cartridge.

[Save to new file]
This will write the current savegame from the cartridge to the SD-card but you will be able to name it yourself.

The "device info" option will give you information on the Everdrive itself:

The "update os" option will give you the possibility to update the Operating System of the Everdrive. When a new update of the Operating System for the Everdrive comes available you can use this option. Updates will be available in a file with .smc-extension. The device contains the last version (12) of the OS. Since this firmware is from late 2011 and no newer ones are available chances are slim you will ever need to use this option.

The "about" option will give you information on the developer and the assembly date of the Everdrive.


Additional info:

Blue led on Everdrive: This indicates the Everdrive is active. If the led is turned off the game-chip on the Everdrive is being used just like a regular SNES card.

This device is the V1 version of the Everdrive and does not support cheatcodes.

There is no savestate. You might get used to savestates when using emulatorts but running the Everdrive is just like running an original SNES cartridge.

It does not play all SNES ROMS in existence. First of all some homebrew ROMs were especially made for Emulators. This means some homebrew ROMs may not work. However a lot do and it's very cool to play homebrew on the actual SNES device! There are about 40 games in existence that use some additional enhancement chips (like the DSP-1) in their cartridges. These special chips are NOT in this Everdrive so games depending on them will not run on this device. For a complete list of SNES games using additional chips checkout this wikipedia entry.


This product is not made nor associated with Nintendo (R). Different countries have different laws and patens. You are buying/using this product on your own risk and responsibility. If you are unsure if you can use this product in your country do not buy it.


NOTE: This item is shipped directly from wharehouse in Asia. Usual shipping times:

  • USA: 11-20 workdays ePacket. 7-16 days DHL. Most other coutries 23-30 workdays registered mail, 5-11 workdays DHL. We ship to all countries, for some destinatins shipping time may be longer, some faster.
  • NOTE: We do not charge any taxes for this item. In some countries and cases import taxes/fees may apply. These fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. We will not be reponsible for this kind of charges.

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