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Brand           » SuperCard

Supercard DSTWO PLUS card - flash cart for Nintendo 3DS. 3DS games support, NDS, GBA, SNES games support.

SuperCard DSTWO+ card - Nintendo 3DS flash cart with 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game support
SuperCard DSTWO+ card - Nintendo 3DS flash cart with 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game support SuperCard DSTWO+ card - Nintendo 3DS flash cart with 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game support SuperCard DSTWO+ card - Nintendo 3DS flash cart with 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game support SuperCard DSTWO+ card - Nintendo 3DS flash cart with 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game support SuperCard DSTWO+ card - Nintendo 3DS flash cart with 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game support
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SuperCard Product Code: SCDS2P
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SuperCard DS TWO PLUS - flash cart with Nintendo 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game support, Micro SD (w/o memory)

Shop01mdia is an official distributor for Supercard. This is a genuine card from the official Supercard team.

4-in-1 one flash cart for all

DSTWO PLUS is based on our DSTWO - but it's not just another version. This time, it comes loaded with a Super features that no other flash cart can offer today (2015-10):

  1. 3DS games support
  2. NDS and DSi games support
  3. GBA games support
  4. SNES / SFC games support


Until now you needed one flash cart for 3DS game support and another one for NDS game support. GBA and SNES was impossible to run on Nintendo 3DS.

Now this is changed, by using Supercard DS Two Plus you don´t have to buy 2 flash carts and you can run games from all those older consoles on your 3DS!

DSTWO PLUS card can play 3DS games on 3DS up to firmware 9.2or older. Note that it still does work on newer 3DS system fw 9.2+ as well with perfect support for DS/CFC/GBA roms/games. Other functions are the same as the older DSTWO card.

Powerful hardware

The Supercard DS Two Plus is have so advanced hardware on-boad that it is really a small computer it self. This is unique, no other flahs cart have this kind of technology and the possibilities like Supercard DSTwo.

DSTWO PLUS features a powerful onboard CPU along with 32MB of RAM, which allows for GBA and SNES support, along with other amazing real-time features you won't want to miss. And they're all accessible during normal gameplay.

Compared to DSTWO, DSTWO PLUS has 4x the Flash and 2x the CPLD power. It all began with the DSTWO, but PLUS is to go even further beyond. PLUS support new 3DS versions through an upgradable firmware feature.

Benefits of Supercard DSTwo Plus:

  • Unique - Worlds first and only (2015-10) flash cart for Nintendo 3DS hand held game console, supporting 3DS games as well as DS, GBA and SNES games. All in one solution.
  • Realiable - Supercard is one of the oldest, best and most respectable flash cart manufacturers on the market.
  • Hardware - High quality hardware with a CPU onboard makes it possible to run more advanced software at high speed (396 MHz CPU and 32 Mb on-board)
  • Real-time features - amazing things that you can do that enchances your game play
  • Support - Great software support and frequently updates.

Compared to other 3DS flash carts

Supercard DS Two Plus offers basically same features that SuperCard DS Two AND all features offered by Gateway 3DS! All integrated into one, new flash cart DSTwo Plus.

Other 3DS carts like the popular Sky3DS, R4 or MT card use different technology that Gateway 3DS and Supercard DSTwo Plus. The only benefit of those carts is they support more new consoles with all 3DS firmwares (10.x). But there is a lot of things they can´t do: much more expensive, region locked, can't play DS / GBA / SNES / homebrew games, no built-in OS system, don't support firmware upgrades, no additional featurs like real-times save, cheats etc. If you can run on 3DS version lower than 10.x the Supercard DSTwo plus is your best option, you wil get lot of usefull cool features.

1. 3DS game support - Gateway Plugin Emulation

Using the Gateway plugin, you can emulate a Gateway flashcart. Gateway 3ds is sinc long time well known and one of the best 3DS flash carts supporting 3DS game backup / ROM files. Now buying separate 3DS and NDS flash cart for your 3DS comsole is not neccessary. Why have two cards, when only ONE is enough? No region limitations, any game on any 3DS. And just like always, it's really easy to use.

Read the GW User Manual

2. DS Games support (DSTWO EOS)

The No.1 DS flash cart, the perfect DS gameplay system in the world. Our DSTWO EOS system comes with a lot of powerful functions: Real-time Save, Free Cheat, Real-Time Game Guide, Slow Motion. 32MB of RAM also fixes a lot of TF lag problems, which could corrupt your games in the past.

Read more about this fature.

3. GBA Game support (TempGBA)

TempGBA is based on the official GBA emulator, it's the best and the only one that allows people to play GBA games on 3DS. And it’s also the only one that runs Golden Sun perfectly.


4. SNES Game support (CatSFC)

A perfect SNES emulator only possible with SC DS Two powerful hardware, this makes DSTWO PLUS is the only card in the world that can play SNES games perfectly on 3DS.


Supercard DS Two Plus review


Supercard DS Two Plus cool features:

  • Support Firmware: 4.X - 11.6.0-39E
    NOTE: For 3DS games Gateway 3DS emulator support v.4.2 to 9.2. Any firmware above 9.2 won't support 3DS games.
    Works on 2DS with 3DS games aswell.
    On 3DS firmware v9.6+ it does not support 3DS games, but works fins with DS, CFC and GBA ROMs/games.
    Works on fw 1.4.5.E and 1.4.5.U
    Works on also DSi, DSi XL.
    Works on all NDS and NDS Lite
  • Can play DS games & 3DS games in same card
  • Slow motion for DS games & 3DS games
  • Cheats for DS games & 3DS games
  • Region free
  • Support for firmware updates
  • NEW! Custom saves for DS games & 3DS games
  • NEW! Online support for certain 3DS games, multiplayers support for ALL DS games
  • NEW! Run 3DS Homebrew (Emulated NAND)
  • NEW! Install CIA (Emulated NAND)
  • NEW! Replace game files with custom game files (Emulated NAND)
  • NEW! Dump game to micro SD card (Emulated NAND)
  • NEW! FTP Server bundled with card


Supercard Dstwo Plus Card Package Contents:

  • Supercard DSTwo plus flash card
  • USB card Micro SD reader/writer


This products will be sold as it is, without any warranties of functionality. As all similar products it may be blocked by new console updates, manufacturer software updates may solve or may not solve those potencial problems. Use it on your own risk, see internet resources for more information.

This product is ment to be used for homebrew applications and development only. It is not shipped with any software or copyrighted code. We do not encurage piracy and any illegal use of it.

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