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Category           » Development Boards  / Nintendo® Switch™  / Development tools
Brand           » Xecuter

Xecuter SX GEAR, development tool (w/o SX OS license)

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Xecuter Product Code: TX-SXG
Weight: 0.05kg

Xecuter SX GEAR, development tool (w/o SX OS license)

Team Xecuter Official Distributor


This product is exact same as SX Pro but does not include SX OS license. The SX OS license code is avalible to buy separatly. You can also install other OS/software using SX GEAR like linux or other 3rd-party payloads.


The ultimate development kit!

  • SX GEAR is a development tool for Nintendo Switch™ and other hardware
  • Easy-to-use dongle for booting SX OS or other OS
  • Includes USB dongle tool (use once to install OS)
  • Solderless
  • Compatible with all regions.
  • Compatible with all firmwares.
  • Real time game switching.
  • Fully updatable

Package includes:

  • SX Gear red dongle
  • USB C Cable

NOTE: Some new comnsoles may be patched and impossible to use SX OS, check compatibility here!




Console on the image is not included... 

 *** NOTE: No refunds on pre-orders, software or licenses! ***




NOTE: This device can be used with thousands of USB projects. It is meant to be used for homebrew applications and development only. It is not shipped with any software or copyrighted code. We do not encurage piracy and any illegal use of it. We are not responsible for any use of it. Also note that it may be illegal in some countries...

Remember that running any software not licensed by Nintendo may void your consoles warranty. Use it on your own risk!

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