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Category           » XBOX 360  / Repair parts & tools
Brand           » Xecuter

TX187 XClamp Removal Toll

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15.99 €

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Xecuter Product Code: TX187
Weight: 0.018kg

TX187 XClamp Removal Toll

Remove XCLAMPS without risk of damaging your motherboard.Remove XCLAMPS without risk of damaging your motherboard.

Official Xecuter distributor

The XBOX 360 XCLAMP REMOVAL TOOL should be in every serious modders toolkit. Anyone who has performed a Xbox 360 RROD repair will know that the XCLAMPS can be tricky to remove without the correct tools.

Compatible with ALL versions of XBOX 360 (Phat, Slim, Slim E). Extremely easy to use.

The tool is also used to remove the side panels from an XBOX 360 case. Simply remove the red rubber sheath and use that end of the tool to unlock the plastic clamps from the case - brilliant 2-in1 design :)

Xecuter have asked us to give special credits to "XMODS" for his tool design which was used with permission. Another fantastic product from Team Xecuter.


  • 2-in1 Design (XCLAMPS and 360S Case Teardown)
  • Easily remove XCLAMPS from all XBOX 360 motherboards
  • Easily unlock the hinges on the XBOX 360 case to take it apart
  • Simple Insert and lift
  • No more motherboard damage
  • High quality tempered steel
  • Famous Team Xecuter Quality & Design


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