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Category           » XBOX 360  / Mod Tools
Brand           » Xecuter

TX CK3 Pro - connectivity kit for Xbox 360 with free transparent case

Not avalible.
91.73 €
Xecuter Product Code: ck3pro
Weight: 0.117kg

TX CK3 Pro - connectivity kit for Xbox 360 with free transparent case

Not manufactured anymore, last one in stock!
Genuine Xecuter product.
The CK3 Pro is an optical disc drive adapter (ODD) so that means you will not have to have your beloved 360 hooked up to your PC, no fuss of moving all your equipment across rooms and dragging around that huge 360 power supply!
As part of the ODD adapter, advanced features such as a debug mode which allows an ODD to be recognised in Windows/Linux without any special firmware. This provides a future proof way for recognising the drive on your operating system for use with other hack functions later. If you don't have a spare ODD lying around, and let's face it the majority of us don't then this is a really useful piece of kit.
As if that wasn't enough, Team Xecuter have also bundled in a FREE SATA hard drive adapter for the Xbox 360, so now you can hook up your hard drive to your PC without opening your Xbox 360 case in conjunction with freely available software such as Xplorer 360.
The Xecuter CK3 Pro Rev D is the latest and forth revision of the CK3 Pro flashing tool from team Xecuter, some of the new featured and enhancements added to the Rev D design firstly is a totally re-designed PCB to allow cleaner USB communication, they have also added a protection circuit which will protect the RS232 serial chip & USB controller chip from any overheating issues that some users experienced on some PC configurations, this circuit will prevent both chips from reaching temps that could either damage those chips themself, or cause damage to other components on the CK3 Pro. They have now added a switch on the PCB that allows you to select between serial or USB mode, we assume this would disable the chip not in use for longevity of that chip, so when USB is selected the RS232 serial chip would be disabled.
Another neat improvement is the power cable is specifically colour coded so users can no longer make the mistake of trying to connect the power cable the wrong way around, which we have seen many people do and has caused issues like killing the units to even damaging the drives, so this is a welcomed safety feature that they must have had enough reports like we did to implement. Now the Xecuter CK3 Pro Rev D comes in a nice retail box with all the components stored in anti-static bags for safe shipping, those are the major changes made to the latest Xecuter CK3 Pro and all are welcomed and of great use.
The Xecuter CK3 Pro has been tested extensively with the latest versions of Jungle Flasher and has direct support from that team, while we here at modsupplier do prefer the latest flashing tool offering from Maximus the Xtractor Pro v2, everybody has their own preference and is why we stock tools from both teams. One upside to the Xecuter CK3 Pro Rev D is the Probe v2 add-on that you can buy, unlike the Maximus range of Xtractors which has a Spear & Vampire for both Lite-On drives, Xecuter have combined the two into one, the Probe v2 can be used on Lite-On 73 drives as well as the newer 83 v2 & 93 drives thanks to their special protection circuit they imbedded into the Probe, while it’s not a huge pain to have two types of probes laying around, it is slightly neater and for new customers to the products will only need to buy the one type of probe device for all Lite-On drives.
The Xecuter CK3 Pro Rev D is a universal flashing tool for the Xbox 360, it can support all drives currently on the market from the Samsungs, Hitachi, BenQ VAD6038 and all the Lite-On drives currently in the market at the time this description was written. If your planning on doing the Lite-On drives note you will need to also buy the Probe V2, and for the Lite-On 83850 V2 & 93450 drives we recommend you use the Xecuter LT switch rebuild PCB’s rather than doing the track cut and repair with solder or conductive glue, so getting a Xecuter CK3 Pro Rev D and a Probe v2 with a few LT switches and you are in business for whatever drive type comes your way.
NOTE: Inclduing for free transparent Case for Xecuter Connectivity kit v3 Pro (product id: CK3cPC)
Bulk pack, white box.

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