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Category           » XBOX  / Parts and tools
Brand           » Aladdin

Aladdin XT Plus 2 (aka xenoFX)

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58.49 €
Product Code: ALD-XTp2
Weight: 0.017kg

Aladdin XT Plus 2 (aka xenoFX)

One of the most feature-packed low budget mod chips for Xbox. Reliable and easy to install.

The Aladdin Advance XT is compatible with all XBOX models, including the V1.6B. Microprocessor controlled functions: can be disabled for XBOX LIVE and flash protected via XBOX power and eject buttons. Modchip modes are shown via different colours on the XBOX eject button LED. Flash upgradable via CD-RW / DVDR and EvolutionX dashboard. Also supports quick solder and Pinheader install options. 

This model have 4032 chip.

Aladdin XT Plus 2 (aka xenoFX) specifications:

Software features:

  • Evox M8plus BIOS 'M8plus_16.bin'
  • Play all backups
  • Play all homebrew
  • Play all original imports
  • Run Debug Executables
  • LBA48 Hack
  • Allows you to upgrade Xbox harddrive upp to 2TB!
  • Embedded In Game Reset (IGR)
  • Compatible with all EvolutionX software
  • No-patch hack
  • Eject trick hack
  • Auto patch new media flag titles
  • Support for Xbox 1.6 and 1.6b
  • Works on all regions

Hardware features:

  • Power LED indicator
  • Updated core
  • LPC bus timing code optimized for flawless 1.6x performance
  • Powerful transistor driver for D0 - no need to use short cables for D0 ;)
  • Two boot modes; Off-On
  • Female pinheader mounted on pcb
  • Separate Male-Male pinheader included
  • Socket for flash
  • Can be flashed (upgraded)
  • Compatible with SST 49LF0x0 and 49LF0x0A
  • Open tool design
  • Compatible with Xbox1 v1.0 - v1.6B


  • Off - Tap the powerbutton and the Xbox starts as normal with the original BIOS.
  • On - Press and hold powerbutton for 1 second and the Aladdin XT PLUS2 is activated.

NOTE: The Aladdin XT PLUS2 comes flashed with Evox M8+ BIOS M8plus_16.bin which was developed for Xbox v1.6-1.6b but can also be installed/booted in Xbox v1.0-1.5, however, we recommend you flash a BIOS intended for these versions (e.g. M8plus.bin). 



This chip only requires 8 pins in the header you solder into the motherboard. 

The picture shows with RED Crosses the pins that can be removed. The header goes in from the front end of the mother board and the vacant holes are at the back end of the mother board closest to the back of the mother board. You should have 4 vacant holes when you have the header in the board. This are the only pins that really need to be in on an Aladdin. You can of course keep all pins in place except the one that needs to be out just in case the machine ever has a different type of chip put in.

Hook it up like this and it will boot everytime you start the machine. No need to ever turn the chip off because XboxLive is not an issue any longer and it also saves you needing to hook up the "BT" and "LT" wires. You only need to hook up the "D0" wire. The D0 point is recommended to be on the underside of the board. It is the easiest one to solder to and running the wire through one of the unused holes in the LCP connector, (where you solder the header in), makes for a neat install. 

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