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Category           » Mod Tools
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Xecuter DemoN for Xbox 360 Phat version

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151.99 €

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Xecuter Product Code: XDnP
Weight: 0.095kg

Xecuter DemoN for Xbox 360 Phat version

Use a DemoN to do a dual NAND setup and have two consoles in one! One that can go on LIVE like a stock console, and one that is exploited and can do all kind of fun stuff with... (DOESN"T WORK ON CORONA V2's/V4's)

This is Phat version.

NOTE: Very rare product not made anymore - old stock, limited qty!


Super fast dual NAND USB read/write. JTag support. No need for other tools.Super fast dual NAND USB read/write. JTag support. No need for other tools.>> Official Support Forum and Software downloads.

This modell is Compatible with Xbox 360 Phat (small block 16MB)

Xecuter DemoN is the most advanced Xbox 360 nand device ever created.

Giving you the ability to have dual nands is nothing new to the scene thanks to Team Cygnos and their dual nand device for older generation Phat JTAG models. However since the advent of the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) scene, there has been an insurgence of homebrew activity on all the newer models of Xbox 360, and therefor there is a need for multiple nands again so you can run your own custom kernels and linux apps on all the latest models including the new Xbox 360 S (or Slim as its known).

Picking up where Cygnos left off, Xecuter has taken the Dual Nand design and basically fixed every known bug and flaw that existed with the Cygnos, improved features, increased r/w speeds, redesigned the layout and install methods, added new functions and basically took the dual nand concept to the next level.

The built in Nand R/W hardware is a stand out feature. Completely bypassing the need for any external device such as the Xecuter NAND-X or any other SPI tool, the DemoN has a USB port which offers a completely pass-thru solution giving you direct access to the Demon & Onboard Nands - and with the turbo mode, giving you nand r/w speed that have never been seen before !

They havent forgotten JTAG users either, There are thousands upon thousands of users out there who run a perfectly functioning JTAG machine - many of them using the Xecuter JTAG QSB Install Kits that have become so popular over the last couple of years.

Not only does the DemoN support all of the latest RGH devices such as the Xecuter CoolRunner - but they have also designed the DemoN to make sure that it doesnt affect any current JTAG installs - which is perfect for those who have the QSB kits installed and working perfectly - fitting the Demon does not require that they have to remove their functioning JTAG feature. Xecuter thinks of the customer experience first and foremost !

As always with Team Xecuter you can trust that they make the absolute best quality devices paying attention to the tiniest details and making sure that the end user is completely confident in a premium product.



  • NextGen Dual Nand Device
  • Easy Switch Between Stock Onboard Nand and Custom Nand
  • Easy QuickSolder Solution
  • Both Phat & Slim Versions
  • Support 16MB & 256MB / 512MB (Big Block) Nand Versions
  • Bad Block Re-Mapping
  • Built-In USB Nand Read/Write Hardware (NAND-X / Other SPI Hardware Not Required)
  • Turbo Nand R/W Mode (16Mb Dump Less Than 20 Seconds)
  • Xecuter CoolRunner Programming
  • Xecuter CoolRunner Enable / Disable Feature
  • Supports Phat JTAG Installs (Inc All Xecuter QSB JTAG Kits)
  • No Lifting of CE Pin on Both Phat & Slim
  • No Trace Cuts on Both Phat & Slim
  • Custom Software & Drivers
  • Proven Xecuter Build Quality & Warranty


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