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Category           » XBOX 360  / Mod Tools
Brand           » Maximus

Xtractor USB, tool for Xbox 360 3 pcs - pay for one get 2 more free!

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Product Code: usb360XTR
Weight: 0.055kg

Xtractor USB, tool for Xbox 360 3 pcs - pay for one get 2 more free!

Only black and transparent in stock, no blue.


This is the tool you must have to do your professional installations/reflashing. Perfect for dumping Liteon 74 DVD drives.The USB Xtractor function is to read the UNIQUE-PER-DRIVE Key of the Liteon Drives.

2010-02-15 Warning! We recommend NOT USING the USBXtractor with the latest Lite-on drive model DG-16dD2S with firmware 83850c! You may damage your drive since this is a new drive that is now just coming out are not fully tested and supported yet!

Its functionality mimic the original 360 Xtractor Pro version but this model does not incorporate RS232 (AKA DB9) connector, only incorporate USB port, it also combines the origninal 360 Xtractor Pro Spear functionality all-in-one simple and portable device. Due to the fact that most modern PCs do not include a DB9 port, this is fully USB compatible!

USBXtractor Feature List:

  • Portable with Full Case Design
  • USB Support inside Windows (Liteon Key dumping)
  • OnBoard Read Button fully Compatible with Maximus Xtractor Reader Software
  • USB Cable Included!
  • High Quality and Heavy Duty Parts
  • Safe and Tested Design

    NOTE: You may also need to use the Power Dongle for support of all 360 DVD Drive Models (Hitachi, Samsung, Benq, Liteon).

    USB Xtractor tool for Xbox 360
    The USB Xtractor is avalible in BLUE or BLACK. Please write a note on your order what color do you prefer.

    Package contents:
  • 1 x USB Xtractor
  • 1 x USB Cable

    There is a new Lite-On v2 drive in the market that first got made March 09, the USB Xtrator is not needed for these latest v2 drives and if used on these drives your spear could be damaged.

    The model number for the Lite-On v2 is the same DG-16D2S, but the HW Ver is A0A2 & Firmware version is 83850C. Make sure to check the HW & Firmware version on the drive before using the USB Xtractor on it.

    *** Are you a modder/repair shop? We offer wholesale prices, contact us now! ***


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