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Our shop shows prices with high euopean taxes by deafult (VAT is included in our prices). If you are outside Europe / EU please use the tax selector "Show tax free prices", and/or enter your coutry in the shopping cart. Our shop will always offer you tax free prices and change the prices where it applies. Shops based outside EU shows prices by deafult without tax, so proces looks always lower at firts sight...

Chinese suppliers:

Many shops that operates under country specific domains are really Chinese companies with all what this means:

  • no customer protecting consumer laws
  • risk for selling clones
  • risk of getting not exactly same product you order or uncomplete kits
  • uncertain warranties
  • low customer service level
  • slow deliveries
  • most of all they are selling without tax and you will risk paying duty and taxes when you import from them

Meanwhile shop01media.com ship offer many benefits:

  • shipping from within EU
  • VAT tax already included, no additional duty or fees will apply if you are within EU
  • if you are outside EU you wil get automatically tax free prices
  • we are old reputable company online since since 2003
  • every one knows we don't sell clones (if not stated so on product description)
  • we have great customer service
  • you will get long warranty
  • exchange for defective products is fast and easy
  • and we ship most often same or next day you order and pay
  • stock status showing in our shop is in real time always accurate
  • we ship registered, insured packages, as example shipping time to UK is about 3-5 business days in most cases

Due to things like above we cant offer the end customer "low looking" prices like the Chinese companies but in the other end buying from China directly you may end up with much higher actual costs, risk or buying clones, long delivery time, high costs and time of returning defective products and short or no warranties.

It's up to you to make the choice from who you buy. I hope you do understand the differences between us and specially the Chinese suppliers... If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We speak English, Swedish and Polish. Please use our live chatt, conatct page or our Facebook page.

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