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Category           » Sony® PS/PS2  / Mods & dev. tools
Brand           » SwapMagic

Swap Magic Coder PAL v3.8 (CD) + tool

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69.99 €

2 or more 68.99 €
Product Code: SwpMc38PAL
Weight: 0.06kg

Swap Magic Coder PAL v3.8 (CD) + tool

Only last few in stock...! CD only (no DVD)

Swap Magic 3 support almost all SEGA ROMS, SNES ROMS, PS1 & PS2 Games!! It allows you to boot up your own application or game software CDs and DVDs on your PS2 console.

  • Supports Action Replay codes for enhanced game play
  • Add and save new codes for latest games
  • Preloaded over 1000 games and 17000 cheats
  • Enable playing of import/backup games on PS2
  • NEW: Enabling boot of PS2 ISOs on PS3 (now for all regions). Works on LAUNCH unit PS3s right now (40/80gb owners, your out of luck for now).

    You can play NTSC versions of games on your PAL PlayStation, just make sure to use Swapmagic to boot the HDLoader software. You must also make sure you select PAL as your loading type instead of normal.

    Swap Magic 3 has the best compatibility and supports all PS2 models, including PSTwo SCPH-70000. It is easy to use, does NOT require mod-chip -OR- Slide Tool / Flip Top Cover.

    Swap Magic 3 is the perfect solution for playing backups. Avoid dangerous modifications to your game console! Dont wait for the latest PS2 games to be released in your country! You only have to swap the disc ONCE even with DVD games! Easy operation!

    * No modification on your PlayStation 2 console. It does not void your warranty
    * Easy installation
    * Better Compatibility
    * It can launch program from memory card
    * Supports all PS2 Models including the latest one: SCPH-70000
    * Enables playing play CD/DVD import and backup on PS2
    * Works together with non solder mod-chip, Slide Tool or Flip Top Cover

    Must be used with Slide tool (for PS2 "bulky") or Magic Switch (for PS2 Slim).

    >> Works on PS3 as well (with PS2 titles).


  • Swap Magic 3 Plus CD v3.8
  • Tool v4 for PS2 Slim - makes it easy to open the CD hatch for disc swap (tool for older non-slim PS2 is available separately)

This product is for the use as developing tools. We do not take any responsibility for any illegal use in your country/region.


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