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Supercard DSTwo Plus installation and user guide

Step-by-step instructions how to install and use the Supercard DSTwo Plus flashcart.

What is Supercard DSTwo Plus

Supercard DSTwo Plus is the world’s first 4-in-1 flash cart to support both 3DS and NDS/GBA/SNES games in one single card. You can run home brew, game backups and use it for own development.

See more information or order the new Supercard DSTwo+ here.

Main features od DS Two Plus:

  • World’s only 4in1 card to support 3DS/GBA/SNES/DS roms in one card.
  • Offers both Gateway 3DS and old DSTwo features.
  • Made by Supercard team with a very good reputation since long time.
  • Lower price than similar competitors but better technology and support.
  • Game regions un-locked.
  • Offers both 3DS flash cart and NDS flash cart features.

If  you want play latest 3ds games,eshop games and online games on New 3DS,3DSXL,3DS latest system firmware directly the Sky33DS will be your best choice.But if you use Nintendo 3DS with 9.x or lower firmware version the best chioce is this new Supercard DSTwo Plus! It offer a lot of benefits and cool features Sky3DS and similar cards ca not offer.


Supercard DSTwo Plus user guide for 3DS / GBA / SNES / DS games

Things you need to know before start

Maybe as you knew, the supercard dstwo plus is the combination of gateway 3ds and dstwo, currently it´s only possible to play 3DS games on 3DS system firmware version V9.x or lower. Just like on Gateway 3DS you can run EmuNAND system firmware and emulate the latest firmware version to play eshop games, online games and 3ds games without game region locked!

For playing GBA/SNES/DS games, the method is same as using dstwo and users can use supercard dstwo plus on all other handheld Nintendo consoles with all firmware versions, included latest version v10.2.0-28 without any problems.

What you need

A 3DS console, a USB Card Reader, a Micro SD Card (recommend 8G or higher) and a Supercard DSTwo Plus flashcart.

Step 1:

Download DSTwo Plus EOS firmware and DSTwo Plus Gateway Plugin (file are compressed).

Step 2:

Exctract those two files, you will get two folders, inside the exctracted folders you will find another folders looking like this:

Step 3:

Copy those two folders to the root of your Micro SD card.

Step 4:

To play 3DS games copy the 3DS rom files into the micro sd card. Your Micro SD card content should look like this:

Step 5:

Then put the Micro SD card inside the Supercard DSTwo Plus flashcard, insdert it into your 3DS console. Power on.

'You should see this:

After you should see screen like below:

Click the icon and enter the DSTwo Plus GUI

Click on the GW icon, this is the Gateway Plugin. You will enter the Gateway mode.

Press A, select the version and GO. When done press A.

The console will restart. Press home button to go to the menu, make sure do NOT click on the power off button.

Go to the gateway mode, click “System settings –> other settings –> profile -> Nintendo DS profile. The console will restart.

Press select button, you should see the game list.

Select one game and play. It works exactly like the Gateway 3ds card.

To play DS Games, you just need to put them into your Micro SD card. When you power on your console, click the icon and click it, then you will play games without any problems.

To play GBA/SNES Games, you just need download GBA/SNES Emulator and put it copy put your rom files to your Micro SD card. Same way you do it using the older DS Two.

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