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Mechanical keyboard, gaming Krux Crato RGB Outemu Brown
This is a full size (104 keys) mechanical gaming keyboard of top quality with RGB lights and many..
53.99 €
In Stock !
Mechanical keyboard Krux Meteor RGB Outemu Blue
This is a full, compact size (104 keys) mechanical gaming keyboard of top quality with RGB lights..
Model: Klaw-Krux
29.99 €
In Stock !
Mechanical keyboard Krux Comet RGB Outemu Blue
This is a full, compact size (104 keys) mechanical gaming keyboard of top quality with RGB lights..
Model: Klaw-Mech-Krux
47.99 €
In Stock !
Keybord Modecom Hammer 2 RGB, mechanical
MODECOM VOLCANO HAMMER 2 RGB is a new advanced mechanical keyboard. Its metal keyboard top helps ..
Model: Hmr2RGB
63.99 €
In Stock !
Gaming keyboard Modecom Volcano Lanparty RGB K-MC LANPARTY U RGB BLUE, mechanical
MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY RGB Pudding Edition is a gaming keyboard designed for all gamers looking..
Model: MVLpRGB
62.99 €
In Stock !
Gaming keyboard Huzaro ROCKET 4.0 RGB
    Mechanical gaming keyboard     Dual-zone LED lighting..
70.99 €
In Stock !
X360USB PRO V2 Connectivity Kit for Xbox 360
CKi3i integrated! Works on all Xbox 360 DVD drives. No hassle and compatibility issues. The easie..
Model: x360UPv2
68.99 €
2 or more 62.99 €

Temporary Out Of Stock
TX CR (Xecuter CoolRunner) JTAG Add-on board, reset glitch mod)for XBox 360, rev. C
The possibilities for homebrew on the 360 are endless. There have been hundreds of extra features..
Model: xCnrCC
22.99 €
2 or more 11.99 €

Temporary Out Of Stock
NAND-X USB programmer, stand alone (no case)
This is stand alone version - programmer and one cable only. Superfast, NANDS PRO compatible, eas..
Model: ndXs
105.49 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
XBOX mod chip - Aladdin XT Plus 2 (aka xenoFX)
One of the most feature-packed low budget mod chips for Xbox. Reliable and easy to install. T..
Model: ALD-XTp2
58.49 €
In Stock !
Self adhesive NFC NTAG215
NFC NTAG215 compatible with all products having active NFC module (smartfones, tablets, etc). ..
Model: NTAG215
3.49 €
3 or more 2.99 €
10 or more 2.99 €
20 or more 2.99 €
50 or more 1.99 €
100 or more 0.99 €

In Stock !
J-R Programmer v2, NAND flasher, USB
You can also order here a similar replacement programmer NAND Key. Fast NAND JTag SPI reader ..
Model: Xjr2c
69.99 €
2 or more 67.98 €

In Stock !
Xecuter QSB Corona 4Gb NAND RW Kit SD
Allows read and write of CORONA V2 nands.Allows read and write of CORONA V2 nands. ..
Model: QSB-TXC4rw
34.99 €
2 or more 33.99 €

In Stock !
USB Adapter for Micro SD, HiSpeed USB 2.0, M3
Very small Micro SD USB adapter. M3 brand. Same adapter that is included in M3 DS linker flash ki..
Model: MSD-RW-M3
1.99 €
2 or more 3.49 €

In Stock !
USB Adapter for Micro SD, HiSpeed USB 2.0
Very small Micro SD USB adapter. Nice, small, good quality. Avalible with blue or black strap..
Model: MSD-RW5
1.99 €
2 or more 1.49 €
10 or more 0.99 €
20 or more 0.99 €

In Stock !
Neo-Geo Super MVS to AES Converter II
Rare, retro gaming converter! Genuine product. Just few left in stock. To use with Neo-Geo ga..
Model: SMVSC2
304.99 €
2 or more 292.99 €

In Stock !
Xecuter TX192 JRP NAND-X CR QSB V3 for Xbox 360 Phat
JRP/NANDX/CR Quick solder board. Includes the J1D2 and J2B1 v3 QSBJRP/NANDX/CR Quick solder board..
Model: SQBv3
15.99 €
2 or more 14.99 €

In Stock !
Xecuter NAND-X cables
Spare parts for NAND-X.Spare parts for NAND-X. These are the cables that come ..
Model: xndc
13.99 €
2 or more 11.99 €

In Stock !
TX187 XClamp Removal Toll
Remove XCLAMPS without risk of damaging your motherboard.Remove XCLAMPS without risk of damaging ..
Model: TX187
15.99 €
2 or more 14.99 €

In Stock !
No refunds on pre-orders. Estaminated arrival date is not 100% sure yet. There is always risk for..
Model: MTXKey
48.99 €
2 or more 40.99 €
5 or more 22.99 €
10 or more 15.99 €

In Stock !
Soldering Iron 40W
Can reach over 300 deg. C. Corrosion resistant tip. ..
Model: JLH
4.99 €
2 or more 3.49 €

In Stock !
YIHUA 936/936A/937D 45W Soldering Station ESD Digital Thermostat
This Anti-static Digital Soldering Station brings low consumption and high efficiency, which is s..
Model: Y937D
30.48 €
2 or more 26.99 €

In Stock !
External PSU Molex, 220V - 12v/5v
Very high quality. 100-240VAC (US/UK/EU) to 12v/5V DC Power Supply with 4 Pin Molex.Very high qua..
Model: psu2050
13.99 €
2 or more 12.99 €

In Stock !
Xecuter CR4 XL CoolRunner, glitcher mod for XBox 360
*** GENUINE EXCUTER PRODUCT *** >> CR4 XL - Install Guide Completely redesigned met..
Model: CR4XL
58.49 €
2 or more 41.99 €

In Stock - Shipping within 24h!
Modbo 4.0 PS2 mod chip
The Modbo v4.0 is the latest chip from the guys at Modbo.com. The Modbo v4.0 is compatible with v..
Model: mdb40
18.99 €
2 or more 15.99 €

Temporary Out Of Stock
HDfury USB Doctor QC2.0 - Universal USB Smart & Fast Charger Adapter
Safely turn ANY USB ports into an Universal USB fast-charging port. Compatible with Android&a..
Model: hdf-usbd
26.99 €
2 or more 25.99 €

In Stock !
HDFury Linker - scaling up to 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz, HDMI, 2 inputs, 1 output,  HDCP2.2 remover
Smallest Scaler in the World - Biggest Game Changer No more boundaries in HDMI | One device t..
Model: HDF4K-LKR
222.99 €
2 or more 210.99 €

In Stock !
HDFury 4S Scaler / 3DFury Basic Kit
4K HDMI 2.0 Scaler / Converter HDfury4S offers all the features and controls you need to solv..
Model: HDF4sBK
233.99 €
2 or more 210.99 €

In Stock !
HDFury 4K Splitter Ultra HD Pro, HDMI DVI-D, Upscaling, Downscaling, Image Enhancement
HD Fury Splitter 4K UHD/PRO is a 2-Port DVI/HDMI splitter with integrated HDCP decryption/encrypt..
Model: HDF4K-SPL
107.99 €
2 or more 105.49 €

In Stock !
HDfury 2 1080prgb - HDMI to Component RGB display convertor
Connect any HDMI source in Full HD 1080p to any any any RGB display.Connect any HDMI source ..
Model: vid-hdf2
168.99 €
2 or more 163.99 €

Temporary Out Of Stock
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