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Power supply (PSU) 220V EUR - > 5V 1A, fits HDfury 3 etc
220v to 5v USB PSU (Euro plug). Provide REGULATED (+/- 5%) 5VDC power with 1A min DC current ..
Model: vid-hdfpse1
6.99 €
In Stock !
Power Supply 5V, 0,5A, 110-240V AC 50/60Hz, Euro Plug
Cable lenght: 1.17 m ..
Model: PS-5V05A
4.99 €
In Stock !
Power Supply USB 5V, 2A, 110-240V AC 50/60Hz, Euro Plug
USB to Mini SUB Cable included, 1.21 m. ..
Model: PS-USB5V2A
4.99 €
In Stock !
Xbox 360 to Slim AC Power Supply 2-port Adapter Convert Cable, black
High Quality Converter cable from the regular xbox 360 to the 360 slimHigh Quality Converter cabl..
Model: xb360-pcc
2.99 €
In Stock !
USB Power cable for PSP
Get power from any USB devices, such as a computer, PSX2, etc....Fully charge the PSPs battery in..
Model: psp-usbpc
4.99 €
In Stock !
XT (SATA/Power) PC Adapter for Connectivity Kit V3
Fast and easy SATA and Power connection from PCs back panel.Fast and easy SATA and Power connection ..
Model: CK3XT
11.99 €
In Stock !
Maximus molex DVD power adapter (Dongle add-on) for xbox 360
Works on all Xbox 360 and all DVDs. Works with Maximus and Xecuter hardware.Works on all Xbox 360 an..
Model: usb360XTR_pwr
30.48 €
22.99 €
In Stock !
MoleXT, battery operated molex power adapter
Portable Molex power supply, high quality.Portable Molex power supply, high quality. The MOLE..
Model: mlxT
27.99 €
In Stock !
Orby Y cable 5 Volt for Xbox 360 / PC
Convenient access to 5V power. High quality, PET sleeve.Brand: Zoo Zen OrbyConvenient access to 5V p..
Model: 360-zoy
3.99 €
In Stock !
220v Euro-plug universal adapter, white
Grounded. CE approved. 220v, max 16AGrounded. CE approved. 220v, max 16A..
Model: 220ad1
2.99 €
In Stock !
220v Euro-plug adapter, white
220v, max 6A220v, max 6A ..
Model: 220ad3
1.99 €
In Stock !
220v Euro-plug adapter, black
220v, max 6A220v, max 6A..
Model: 220ad2
1.99 €
In Stock !
E3 Power Switch
Made of fireproof, high pressure resistant material, very safe to use.Made of fireproof, high pressu..
Model: E3S
4.99 €
In Stock !
Energyzer Y cable 5 Volt for Xbox 360, molex
Provides convenient access to 5v power within your Xbox 360 case.Provides convenient access to 5v po..
Model: 360-tey
1.99 €
In Stock !
Car lighter power adapter for GBA/GBC/GBA SP, 3-in-1
It simply plugs in the car cigarette ligher giving you unlimited power while on the road.It simply p..
Model: gsp-cadp2
5.99 €
4.99 €
In Stock !
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