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PS2 laser fix, Neo FiX XIII

Not avalible.
1.99 €

2 or more 1.99 €
Product Code: ps2_LFX2
Weight: 0.015kg

PS2 laser fix, Neo FiX XIII

Recommended for all PS2 V9, V12, V13 (SCPH50002, SCPH 7000X).Recommended for all PS2 V9, V12, V13 (SCPH50002, SCPH 7000X).Playstation 2 LA chip burnout prevention - this PS2 Laserfix should be done whether or not your console has a mod chip.

It is a well documented fact that the latest v9 and v10 & v12 and some V13 slimline machines (SCPH50002 /SCPH70002 /SCPH75002) suffer from a major problem. The LA chip has a tendency to die. After it dies, the only solution to get your machine working again is to replace the chip with an original LA6508 or a device called LA6508 RII. However, in both cases, it is quite a hard soldering job. (much harder than to install a chip). The following can be done to reduce the chances of the LA 6508 chip dying. For slimline version 12 consoles a small laser protection circuit board can be installed for the same result - to help regulate voltage to the PS2 Laser and prevent spikes.

>> More info and install diagrams.

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