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HDFury Gamer Edition, external HDMI to VGA (RGB) adapter cable

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HDFury Product Code: vid-hdfge
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HDFury Gamer Edition, external HDMI to VGA (RGB) adapter cable


Connect any HDMI source in Full HD 1080p to any any any RGB display.Connect any HDMI source in Full HD 1080p to any any any RGB display.The HDfury Gamer Edition is HDMI to VGA cable, all in one. For example you can connect your PS3 or Xbox360 Elite/Slim via the HDMI port to a hi-resolution VGA screen with it.

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Advantages of the Gamer Edition of HDfury:

- Worlds First and Only One PLUG and PLAY solution !
- HDMI straight to VGA ! All in One Cable !
- HD gaming on PS3/Elite, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD and DVD playback up to 1080p !
- It transforms any RGB display into a HDCP compliant device.
- HDfury solves the BLACK SCREEN issue on Playstation 3 !
- Affordable pricing to compete with the cost of Components cable + VGA box commonly used by gamers till now to connect their PS3/Elite or any others HDMI sources to a not-HDCP compliant analog display.
- Outstanding and Unbeatable quality for the money (absolutely no competition with VGA box, it will make any VGA box looks like a toy from the dollar shop! See our reviews section on HDfury.com !)
- Allow DVD playback with upscaling up to 1080p on PS3/Elite or any others HDMI source.

Specifications :
- Blu-Ray / HD-DVD Player
- Playstation 3, X360 Elite
- PC HDMI Graphics Card
- SAT and Cable HDTV Box
- Any DVI or HDMI source
- It is fully compatible (HDandFull HD - 720p/1080p) with any HDMI sources such as HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, PS3, X360 Elite, HDTV cable box, HDTV SAT box or HDMI graphic card.
OUTPUT>Display a visual FURY up to 1080p to any technically able analog display !
- PC monitor (CRT, tubes, LCD)
- HDTV, Plasma, LCD
- LCD, DLP, SXRD, D-ILA proj.
- 3 tubes proj Barco, Nec, ...
- Any RGB, VGA DisplayWorl
- Compatible with PC monitors, HDTV, Video/Retro projectors, LCD, Plasmads First and sole All In One cable solution to connect HDMI sources to RGB displays

NOTE: A power supply cannot be added to the HDfury Gamer Edition cable due to the all-in-one sealed design. The HDfury Gamer Edition should therefore only be used when connecting a PS3 or Xbox360 Elite directly to a display device. We recommend that the new HDfury Gamer2, HDFury III or IV with power supply be used for all other setups.

More info:

- What is HDfury ?

HDfury is a tiny external add-on card/adapter that you can hook up on any RGB display through its SUB-D HD15 Female Input.

Once screwed, it becomes a "part of the display" itself and will permanently perform an outstanding HDCP modification. Therefore, you can connect any HDMI source in Full HD 1080p to your now "enhanced" display hooked up with the HDfury module !

- Why do I need HD(720p) or Full HD(1080p) ?

Well, you dont need it. But you may want it ! (Read our Introduction to HD)
HD-DVD&Blu-Ray players, HDMI graphic card, PS3 and X360 Elite, SAT receiver and HDTV channels set-top-box, all of them are able to unleash their true potential (720p/1080p mode) only through HDMI output.
If you want a valid ticket for the Full HD world you either need a compatible display(with HDMI input) or a solution for your existing display. (Read our HDMI/HDCP definition)

- Why do I need a HDCP compliant display ?

HDMI is a new standard that comes with hardware protection called HDCP.
If your display doesnt have a HDMI input you wont be able to display 720p/1080p signal on it (from HDMI sources).

Prior to exchange Data Video, HDMI source is exchanging keys with HDMI display.
Both have a special HDCP chip embedded. If your display doesnt have it, even if its technically able to display 720p or 1080p signal, it will display a BLACK SCREEN.
On Playstation3 for example: 1080p mode is only available through HDMI output
Read about the HDCP displays nightmare and find out if your display is affected.

- What can I do if my display is not HDCP compliant ?

You can buy a new display with HDMI input or use a HDCP stripper/converter box
They will extend video link to a "man-in-the-middle" device which will remove HDCP protection and output Analog RGB.

Some issues with those HDCP stripper/converter box are the following:
- They need extra wires, such as Power Supply, extra analog cable.
- Most of the time, switches or settings need to be tweaked.
- Quality is limited and restricted because of longer analog link (need of VGA analog cable)
- They are not compliant to HDCP rules as they allow easy access to decrypted analog video.

- What are the advantages of using HDfury ?


  • HDfury is the worlds first device that you can screw directly on your display.
  • HDfury will add a Digital Input 100% HDMI/HDCP compatible to any RGB display !
  • Pocket Portable HDCP stripper, that you can connect to any VGA input.
  • It will transform any analog RGB input into a fully digital compliant HDMI/HDCP input up to 1080p !
  • Digitalize your Analog Screen !
  • Shortest Analog Link as possible also ensure Highest Video Quality as possible !
  • Alu and Gold platted materials.
  • It can be used and sold legally to transform any RGB display into a HDCP compliant display.
  • It does not require external power supply to operate.
  • Unlike other HDCP stripper solutions on the market HDfury is compliant to HDCP rules it does not allow and end-user easy access to analog decrypted signal.

    If you want to record from your digital tv-box or any digital HDMI DHCP encrypted signal you have those options:

    1. Output VGA, and use a VGA capture card.
    2. Output Component and use a component capture card.
    3. Output DVI-D and use Hauppauge Colossus capture card.

    There is no way he can record the HDMI input -> HDMI output, because the HDMI output is HDCP encrypted, otherwise HD Fury will not work to add 3D to the already existing HDMI TV lacking of 3D, nor with any HDMI screen.

    HDCP is removed on VGA, COMPONENT and DVI-D. This is enough to record the signal.

    The only way to capture DIGITAL (vs ANALOG) is to use DVI-D output and
    Hauppauge colossus, in that configuration you also need Dr.HDMI.

    Capturing Analog can be done with mostly any capture card on the market.
    Black magic, Avermedia, Hauppauge, etc..


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