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Category           » Nintendo® Wii  / Development tools
Brand           » WiiKey

D2CKey, mod chip for Nintendo Wii

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D2CKey, mod chip for Nintendo Wii

High quality chip supporting Wii with D2C chipsets.High quality chip supporting Wii with D2C chipsets.

D2C Key - Wii mod chip

One of the first and best chips on the market for Wii. This is 100% genuine chip, best quality, suport, and warranty.

NEW: You can now streamlines installation of D2CKey and reduce the overall time spend fitting the chip using the new FlexPCB for D2CKey. The FlexPCB is available seperately at additional cost.

NOTE! D2Ckey is only for Wii consoles with D2C chipsets, serial no LEH-1353x or newer. For all older Wii consoles please use WiiKey or other of our mod chip chips.

Supports direct booting (without swapping) of Wii original and backup games from the same region as well as alowing to play games from different NTSC region on USA and JAP Wii and GC consoles.

Direct boot of Gamecube original and backup games from the same region. Partial region free support on Wii and GC original and backup games with different videomode (ie PAL <-> USA <-> JAPAN)

Improved readsettings for recordable media. Alows you to play isos from DVD-R, DVD+R DVD+-RW and for movies and GCOS you can use Dual-layer DVDs. True stealth mode - Does not modify RAM, making it virtually undetectable for the WiiFull command set emulation. Supports running GC games at Wii diskspeed improving the Load times for Game Cube titles. GameCube Audiostreaming Fix. Supports full-size DVD and DVD9 discs for GC homebrew. Supports Nintendo Wii and GameCubbe multigame discs.

Access control LEDs on the chip (but invisioble when the case is closed):
LED 1: disc access indicator.
LED 2: data patching indicator Flashes smoothly during disc insertion and detection.
Lit when Wii backup is detected and Off when original Wii gamedisc is detected.

D2CKey features:

  • The first chip which support Wii D2C
  • Works Flawlessley on GC2-D1 and GC2-D1A
  • Direct boot of Wii and Gamecube games, on-the-fly region patching, audiostreaming fix and more...!
  • Compatible with most DVD+/-R and RW media (no bitsetting required) and multigame discs...
  • Integrates a next-generation ICMS to ensure stability during loading and gameplay...
  • 350MHz Performance with advanced AES128 bit encryption, yet runs on an ultra-low-power core...
  • Preprogrammed, ready to use.
  • Require skilled soldering.

    This chip will not need any updates hovever the ACTEL chip used in making this mod-chip is flashable so in case there will be a need to modify the D2Ckey firmware - it will be possible.

    NOTE! Installation of D2CKey is only recommended for professionals. It offers top quality, failure rate is extremly low at the moment... if you get problems it is more likely to be a faulty installation, not fault chip!

    More info? See our support page!

    *** Are you a modder, want to buy 10pcs of D2CKey or more? ***
    Please contact us for whole sale offers!

    D2CKey - mod chip for Nintendo Wii

    NOTE: There have been some rumors about different version av D2CKey and compatibility issues. But it is NOT true. There has only been one version of D2CKey since the official release. The markings on the PCB are just production codes. For official announcement about this please take a look at http://www.d2ckey.com


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