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Category           » Mod Tools
Brand           » Maximus

Maximus SDTool for Xbox 360 Corona 4GB

In Stock
15.99 €

2 or more 18.99 €
Product Code: MSDT
Weight: 0.049kg

Maximus SDTool for Xbox 360 Corona 4GB

FULL RGH2 running on Corona 4G (all boards!). One kit for 2 consoles.FULL RGH2 running on Corona 4G (all boards!). One kit for 2 consoles.
  • Read / Write High Speed ​​4GB of NAND Corona V2
  • Easy to install (QSB adapter)
  • No extra cables required
  • Update external (installed with the water FFC)
  • Free USB card reader
  • Compatible with all current software RGH (AutoGG, Jrunner ... etc)
  • Dump 48MB required for RGH 4GB Corona

    The Maximus 4GB Kit includes 2 modes of installation that fits the installers experience. It can be installed with a user friendly Quick-Solder Board for beginners or can be installed with a pin header kit (for experienced installers). You can reuse this tool or leave installed for External Updates

    The Maximus 4GB kit include two separate modules! (*BONUS one kit for 2 consoles)

    Additional QSB or pin header modules can be purchased separately.

    To ensure 100% hassle free experience we are including a compatible USB 2.0 Card Reader that will make this a 100% working solution.

    >> SD Tool for Corona 4GB Manual (PDF)

  • Blazing FAST Read/Write of a Corona 4GB Model NAND (aka Corona v2)
  • Easy to install QSB adapter
  • Pin Header install module (making this a 2 in 1 kit)
  • No extra wires/cables needed to disable the onboard Clock when used with QSB
  • Integrated "sense" Enable/Disable Feature
  • External Micro-SD can be removed and the circuit disables automatically
  • External Update Feature (Installed with FFC ribbon cable routed outside the console)
  • Includes Free USB Card Reader for a 100% working solution (No need to ensure you find a correct SD reader)
  • Custom Reader/Writer software developed with Safest MD5 verification algorithm at blazing speed
  • Fully Compatible with any current RGH software (EX: AutoGG, Jrunner, etc.)
    48mb Dump is all that is needed for Corona 4GB RGH (Should also make a complete backup to be safe)
  • Since this kit come with 2 install options you can actually install into 2 consoles with one single kit!!

    Kit Contents:
  • PCB version 1.1
  • SD Card adapter board
  • Quick Solder Board Module
  • Pin Header Module kit
  • 2 FFC Ribbon Cable

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