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Category           » Tools and parts
Brand           » Maximus

Maximus Xtractor 3

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Product Code: 360XTR3
Weight: 0.06kg

Maximus Xtractor 3

Flashing tool with updatable core firmware.Flashing tool with updatable core firmware.The new Xxtractor 3 offers some nice features like the 6 programmable buttons (long presses, power cycle button, half tray button, etc), very small sieze AND upgradable firmware.

Base Functionality :
- Supplies Power to 360 DVD Drives including Eject function or all drives
- Compatible with All Xbox 360 DVD Drives (Hitachi, Samsung, Benq, including all Lite-on drives
- Selectable Mode-B for Hitachi Drives
- Power Protection Circuit
- Power LED/Flash mode LED/USB visual activity LED
- Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and DOS
- Electrically Safe, operate in the voltages required for the DVD Drive

New Features on XT3:
- Automatic Power Cycle with a Single button Press
- Automatic Half Tray with a single button press
- New and improved main power controller.
- Onboard Firmware Updateable via USB
- Drive connector cable with color indication for proper installation
- Battery Power Optional
- 3 user progrramable buttons for 6 differnt settings
- USB power selectable

After the success of the very first Maximus 360 Xtractor Pro tool kit comes the latest evolution in the Xtractor range, the Xtractor Pro v3, there has been some subtle yet very significant changes to how the new 360 Xtractor 3 functions.

It has all the same features of the former model (except serial port), but it’s really the newest edition to the Maximus Xtractor product line that set it out from the rest, the new functions and features have been aimed at making the whole process of flashing the drives a more user friendly and a simplified process.

The new automated command sequences (macros) are mapped to the buttons on the 360 Xtractor v3 device. It can also be integrated into Maximus Lizard Toolbox software.

The Maximus 360 Xtractor Pro v3 is using a much more powerful main processor which is responsible for these new features being added such as the Macro mode sequences and will allow for new features to be added in the future.

The really cool part about the 360 Xtractor 3 is that its the new flashing tool with ability to update its core logic! New features and improvements may be added in the future.

Included in the box:

  • Extractor 3 (bulk)
  • Power cable
  • DVD cable


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