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Category           » XBOX 360  / Development tools  / Repair parts & tools
Brand           » Xecuter

Xecuter SPUTNIK360 Unlock Probe

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22.99 €

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Xecuter Product Code: SPT360Pr
Weight: 0.03kg

Xecuter SPUTNIK360 Unlock Probe

Works only on DG-16D4S MX IC chipsets.Works only on DG-16D4S MX IC chipsets.The SPUTNIK360 Unlock Probe is a simple device that disables the write protect on any Liteon DG-16D4S drive that has the MXIC SPI flash device so you can easily repair or replace your faulty DVD drive with this model and have the ability to program your consoles DVD key.

* Enable write mode on Liteon DG-16D4S (MXIC) DVD Drives
* Easily repair your Xbox 360 S Console
* No lengthy Microsoft warranty repair delays
* Easy to use - takes minutes !
* 1 easy trace cut required
* Multiple Resistor options to ensure compatibility
* Works on all MXIC SPIs (9504, 0272, 0225 & 0401)
* Tested with firmware tools such as JungleFlasher

>> See how to use X360USB Pro + Sputnik + Probe!

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