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Category           » XBOX 360  / Cooling
Brand           » Xecuter

xFan cooling fans, add-on for xDrive (blue)

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34.99 €

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Xecuter Product Code: xFanUpB
Weight: 0.4kg

xFan cooling fans, add-on for xDrive (blue)

Best GPU/CPU cooling option! Only to be used with xDrive.Best GPU/CPU cooling option! Only to be used with xDrive.

Official Xecuter distributor

xFan is an advanced design fan for cooling your Xbox 360 GPU/CPU effectively. It can save your console life and avoid RROD issue with its proven cooling power of your console processor.

* Avoids RROD issue
* With cool lighting fan
* Works with xDrive only
* No solder, No cut, easy to install
* With On/Off switch for turn fan power on/off
* Cooling down your XB360 GPU/CPU effectively

Once fitted to an existing Xdrive Install this professionally designed cooling solution will show and give significant cooling improvements for any Xbox 360 over heating issues.


IMPORTANT: This product requires a xDrive to operate.

Is your old Hitachi/Samsung/Benq System on its last legs? Overheating and Freezing Issues? 2 x Red Lights Crashing Your System? THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION IS HERE!!!

The Xecuter xFan is the next level in Xbox 360 cooling with high stability. The famous Team Xecuter have once again developed a solution to a very common problem on the older Xbox 360 consoles - the dreaded 2 x Red Lights and Overheating / Game Freezing issues.

Using the same technology as used on the original xDrive, you now have the ability to remove your internal 360 DVD ROM and have it connected to your 360 externally. The space where your internal DVD used to be is then replaced by an entire cooling system - as this is one of the main sources of heat inside the Xbox and it resides directly over the GPU (which is the main causes of overheating issues / game freezing / graphics corruption / rrod) - this now gives your Xbox a drop in temperature that is unprecedented in any of the cooling kits or fans that have ever been released before. In tests the GPU alone dropped as much as 20 Degrees Celsius with the xFan enabled !!! The entire system is completely custom designed from the ground up. It has been extensively tested by many users on the Xecuter forums and has shown to be a resounding success.


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