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Category           » Nintendo® Wii  / Development tools
Brand           » D2Sun

Sunkey Fusion, 3-in-1 mod chip for Wii

In Stock
15.99 €

2 or more 14.99 €
Product Code: SunkF
Weight: 0.02kg

Sunkey Fusion, 3-in-1 mod chip for Wii

The best value 3-in-1 COMBO Wii chip. Solderless, plug and play (Wii Clip integrated).

Note: Does not work on latest D3-2 Wii DVD chipsets.

Works with SNMB (BCA protection).

SunKey Fusion 3in1 SPEC:

* Plug and play,solderless with the SunKey mode, and partial solderless with D2Sun mode
* SunKey mode come with A.I. Boot to auto choose region, support JAP/USA/KOR/EUR all regions perfectly,100% smart and play & play!
* Support D5/D9 games
* Support homebrew roms
* Support GC games
* Support USB update CPLD core and EEPROM firmware via Nero Dual Programmer, never outdate
* Offer 3 working mode: SunKey / D2Sun / Combo
* Comes with external switch configure board, can swap the 3in1 chip working at SunKey 3X mode or D2Sun 6X mode in real time
* Comes with original Wii-Clip, solderless for all old model Wii driver, just plug and play
* D2Sun mode come with the last 6 wires firmware
* Support the last BCA Protection
* Supports all chipsets DMS,D2A,D2B,D2C,D2C2 and D2E, 100% ALL-IN-1 solution
* Supports the pins-cut D2B Wii without grinding the chip, just place the clip on chip like other versions.
* Compatible with DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW and Dual-layer 8.5G DVD (movies and GCOS)
* Comes with 2~8Mbit on board SPI flash
* Comes with 24M on board CLK, 100% work stable on all Wiis, without any CLK problem
* Direct boot of Wii original and backup games from the same region
* Direct boot of Gamecube original and backup games from the same region
* Direct boot of different NTSC region Wii and GC games on USA and JAP consoles
* Partial region free support on Wii and GC original and backup games with different video mode (ie PAL<->USA, JAPAN,KOR)
* Comes with Region Lock and Safe Upgrade function, can let you run the game and upgrade the game 100% safely, no way to brick your wii in any situation
* Improved read settings for recordable media
* Supports running GC games at Wii disk speed
* GC Audio streaming Fix (D2Sun mode)
* Supports full-size DVD and DVD9 discs for GC homebrew
* Supports Wii and GC multidisc games (D2Sun mode)
* Does not modify RAM, making it virtually undetectable for the Wii
* Compact design, best quality components, rock solid high speed controller
* Two LEDs indicate the D2SUN working status
* High speed and high secure Actel FPGA
* Professional ESD packing

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