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Category           » XBOX 360  / Cooling
Brand           » XCM

XCM Core Cooler fan for Xbox 360 (Nature Core, green)

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Product Code: 360-xaofG
Weight: 0.085kg

XCM Core Cooler, fan for Xbox 360 (Nature Core, green)

Compatible with all Xbox 360, extra powerfull cooling and nice look. The best fan for GPU cooling. Avalible in many colors.

Compatible with Xbox 360 Phat and Elite

  • Operating power: 5-12V
  • Diameter: 7cm

To Maximize the cooling effect on the Xbox 360, we design the 2nd fan (the XCM add on fan) to work with the XCM high speed air cooler

After adding this add on fan, the temperature of CPU and GPU of xbox 360 console can be decreased an additional of 3-5 Celsius.

The XCM high speed air cooler with add on fan will be the best cooling system for the xbox 360.

Other external fan only exhausts the heat and make the loud noise, XCM high speed air cooler add on fan expels heat to the exhaust fan and the exhaust fan exhausts all the heat out of the console,it is the best efficient air cooler and quiet in working as well.



  • Exhaust fan is a high speed fan which was built in nice white LED.
  • XCM add on fan is special designed for xbox 360, which also built in WHITE LEDs for a cool Neon white effect
  • 2 temperature sensor wires for heat data feedback

    >> Installation manual.

    Note: Those coolers fits only if your origional Xbox 360 CPU cooler is smaller, like on the picture. Some new models of Xbox 360 have bigger CPU and GPU cooler and this CXM cooler will not fit. In that case we recommend the XCM CORE COOLER V2.


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