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Category           » Nintendo® Wii  / Development tools
Brand           » D-Right

D-Right mod chip for Wii

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Product Code: D-Rgt
Weight: 0.015kg

D-Right mod chip for Wii

2-in-1 flat mode or 6 wires easy installation. Compatible with ALL but D3-2 Wii.2-in-1 flat mode or 6 wires easy installation. Compatible with ALL but D3-2 Wii.2009-12 - programmed with the new firmware v1.1, works with SNMB!
D-right works now with SNMB in FlatMode (updates avalible for all d-right). PAL only right now. Original unmodyfied backup ISO must be used, does not work on modded ISOs (softmod). 6 wires mode does not offer this compatibility at all. And right now is confirmed ONLY on PAL version

NEWS 2009-11 - NOTE, this chip is not compatibe with new D3-2 Wii, produced after August 2009. Read more below... and on WiiNews.

Support: http://wiinewz.com/forums/d-right/

This chip is a hybrid betwean drivekey with customized config disc and wiikey 2.

It can be used in FLAT MODE (just like DriveKey) = Real-time driver patching. Easy installation, no soldering. Works on all Wii.

It can also be installed with 6 wires soldering. Flatmode offers you 3x read speed and no GC audio fix. Soldering offer you 6x read spess and GC streaming audio fix.

For most people flat mopde is fine! The slight lower reading speed is unnoticable.

  • Works on all Wii (DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C-2, D2E, D3/d2nothing)
  • Works on USA, JAP, PAL and Korea Wii
  • On-chip config menu
  • Compatible with D2B "cut pin" drives
  • Compatible with D2E "epoxy" drives
  • SPI uppdate by DVD and JTAG USB programmer (Injectus)
  • Micro swithces to configure regional features.
  • Region override for GC and Wii games.
  • Recovery mode - impossible to brick the chip.
  • Configurable disc speed
  • Update blocker feature (avalible in DVD upgrader).
  • Direct Boot of Wii original, imports and backups
  • Direct Boot of Gamecube * original, import and backups
  • Diorect boot of home brew in GC mode.
  • Supports multi-disc games, DVD -/+R, DVD +RW (no bit setting required)
  • Support factory made "silvers" disc even with incorrect header data.
  • Support most of "problem" titles liek SMB, SSBB, Mario Cart, etc
  • Supports dual-layer discs
  • Autoboot of Wii backups

  • 1 x D-Right chip
  • 1 x flat DVD cable
  • 1 x flat programmer cable

    NOTE: Remember to switch off AUTOBOOT and UPDATER BLOCKER to prevent incompatibilities with some titles.

    We suggest to never update console with DVD but by internet it is possible. Best not to update at all :) You wil lnot miss a thing.

    NOTE: Not compatibe with new D3-2 Wii.
    If you bought your Wii console before Aug 09 you do not need to read this... WARNING, if you bought it after Aug 09 please read on.

    There has been a new DVD drive released in the latest Wii consoles, they started to show up Aug 09 and the drive is called D3-2, currently there is no chip that will work on these drives, the only option is to replace the DVD drive or drive board, then you can use chips like the Solderless WiiKey 2 or even DriveKey or Wasabi DX.

    If you need DVD or DVD board, we can offer those, look below.
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