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Cobra ODE QSV - Optical Drive Emulator for PS3 Slim/Super Slim v5.20c
This is Cobra ODE v5.20c is new (2016-08), smaller, better, faster and more flexible design of th..
Model: CbrODE-520c
58.80 €
Not avalible.
XBOX mod chip - DuoX 3
Beacause the DuoX 3 is pre-flashed, if you don't mind the bios, just boot one of the HeXen or Sla..
Model: DuoX3b
16.46 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
XBOX mod chip - Aladdin XT Plus 2 (aka xenoFX)
One of the most feature-packed low budget mod chips for Xbox. Reliable and easy to install. T..
Model: ALD-XTp2
22.34 €
In Stock !
XBox 360 Key Reloaded V2 (x360Key, xk3y), USB loader (bulk, no LCD)
New version of the xk3y, same features, redesigned hardware. Allows you to play games from any US..
Model: X360KbR
105.84 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
SunDriver SATA, ODE mod chip for Nintendo Wii
Replaces entirely your Wii DVD. Runs ISOs directly fom SATA hard drive! Plug and play, no solderi..
Model: SunDvrS
47.04 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
WiiKey Fusion mod chip, ODE SD, for Wii
Wii mod allowing to run game backups from directly from SD card! The best sollution for all Wii m..
Model: WiikF
94.08 €
Not avalible.
FlatMii 125 for Nintendo Wii, PC to Wii DVD emulator, USB
Play and emulate on Wii any of your stored Wii/Gamecube image discs from PC. FLATMII is a spe..
Model: FlatMii125
28.22 €
21.17 €
In Stock !
Duo3 Ultra mod chip for PS2
Geniune Duo chip. Compatible with v1-v18 of PS2, good quality.Geniune Duo chip. Compatible with v..
Model: Duo3
14.11 €
In Stock !
Matrix Infinity mod chip for PS2 (genuine)
Play software and DVD movies from all over the world on your PS2. Upgradable firmware (ProASIC ch..
Model: ps2-minfi
47.04 €
In Stock !
Xecuter 2.6CE Mod chip (1Mb flash memory) for Xbox Consoles (V1.0 - V1.6b)
NOTE: Those chips are not produced since very long time, extrely rare collectible item! This is t..
Model: X26CE
94.08 €
Not avalible.
Swap Magic Coder PAL v3.8 (CD+DVD)
Swap Magic 3 support almost all SEGA ROMS, SNES ROMS, PS1 & PS2 Games!! It allows you to boot..
Model: SwpMc38PAL
25.87 €
In Stock !
WODE Jukebox V2 - Wii Optical Drive Emulator HDD, USB ripping vertical stand
In stock latest silver Wode version. Ground breaking evolution of a mod chip for Wii! Easy in..
Model: wde2
51.74 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
DriveKey, modchip for Wii D3 / D2nothing (new firmware with NSMB fix)
The first true modchip for D3 / D2 nothing drives (not D3-2). Easy, solderless installation.The f..
Model: DrK_NSMB
35.28 €
In Stock !
Sunkey Fusion, 3-in-1 mod chip for Wii
The best value 3-in-1 COMBO Wii chip. Solderless, plug and play (Wii Clip integrated). Note: ..
Model: SunkF
14.11 €
In Stock !
Infectus 2 mod chip, multi console support, incl. external Mini USB PCB
Supports many devices, not only Xbox360, PS2, PS3 Wii D2C (Argon firmware). USB programmer includ..
Model: inf2
28.66 €
In Stock !
DriveKey, modchip for Wii D3 / D2nothing
The first true modchip for D3 / D2 nothing drives. (not D3-2). Solderless, easy installation.The ..
Model: DrK
32.93 €
In Stock !
Swap Magic Coder NTSC v3.8 (CD+DVD)
Swap Magic 3 support almost all SEGA ROMS, SNES ROMS, PS1 & PS2 Games!! It allows you to boot..
Model: SwpMc38NTSC
19.65 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
Matrix Infinity 1.99 (clone) mod chip for PS2
Universal PS2 chip.Universal PS2 chip.- Compatible with PS2 (NTSC,PAL) V1-V15 - 18 soldering po..
Model: mtrxINF199u
11.10 €
In Stock !
Cygnos 360 mod chip for Xbox 360
Can switch betwean two kernel versions on your xbox 360.Can switch betwean two kernel versions on..
Model: cyg360
16.46 €
In Stock !
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