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Xilinx JTag / NAND Platform Cable, USB DLC 9
USB programming cable for all Xilinx devicesUSB programming cable for all Xilinx devicesThis USB pro..
Model: DLC9
35.99 €
In Stock !
Digilent JTAG-HS1 USB programmer
The JTAG-HS1 programming cable is a high-speed programming solution for Xilinx FPGAs. It is compa..
Model: JTAG-HS1
51.49 €
In Stock !
Standard USB 2.0 cable, USB -> Micro B (M-M) 1 m
Standard Micro USB cable.Standard Micro USB cable.Fits most of modern smart phones. Works also wi..
Model: usbe
1.99 €
In Stock !
Standard USB 2.0 cable Micro B -> Micro B (M-M) 0,24 m
Standard Micro USB cable, short.Standard Micro USB cable, short. ..
Model: usbd
1.99 €
In Stock !
Micro SD HC memory card reader/writer, pocket size, orange plastic, USB 2.0
Very small, high quality, fast transfer.Very small, high quality, fast transfer.Works with Micro ..
Model: MSD-RW4
1.49 €
In Stock !
HD Xtreme (PAL) for Sony Play Station 2 (incl. HDAdvance 3.0 and USB Extreme)
Loading games from the hard drive, it will breath new life in to you PS2 ! Store all your gam..
Model: HDX
22.99 €
Temporary Out Of Stock
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