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Kategori           » Nintendo® 3DS  / Flashkort
Märke           » EZ Flash

EZ Flash Redux (EZR), flashkort för 3DS

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32.99 €

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EZ Flash ArtID: EZF-R
Vikt: ~ 0.025kg

EZ Flash Redux (EZR), flashkort för 3DS

EZ-FLASH REDUX (EZR) - nytt flashkort för Nintendo3DS konsoller, mycket likt den kända Gateway 3DS men med några förbättringar.

EZR Appearance

EZFlash Redux has the first side plug design in the market, the elegant logo was engraved on the back of card, the casing color was modified so many times to be as similar as possible to retail cards.

EZR Experience

EZ Flash Redux can store the save file to the microSD directly, without manual operation, to be convenient for save data management. EZR is compatibles with A9LH exploit by key-pressed booting. It has a large game list can be browser with direction pad.

EZR Features

  • The first MicroSD card side plug design in the market
  • Direct save to microSD
  • Support all region 3DS console up to v4.1-10.7 (2016-12)
  • Support the the newest 3ds games (as supper paper Mario and Pokemon Sun 2016-12)
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Multi-ROM support
  • A9LH compatible
  • Brick code
  • SDHC/SDXC support, maximum capacity up to 128GB
  • FAT32/exFAT support
  • EmuNAND support
  • Homebrew compatible
  • EZ-FLASH decades quality guarantee

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