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Kategori           » Nintendo® 3DS  / Flashkort
Märke           » MT-Card

MT-Card, Nintendo 3DS flashkort

48.99 €
18.99 €

2 eller mer 6.99 €
4 eller mer 4.99 €
MT-Card ArtID: MTC
Vikt: ~ 0.04kg

MT-Card, Nintendo 3DS flashkort

Multi ROM Nintendo 3DS Flash Cart. NOTE: Thare is new" version avalible but it is exactly same at the oen we have in stock. Only differance is the stocker...

NOTE: Read the 3DS flashcarts game compatibility table. Updated requently.


  • Support 3DS series consoles (Version v4.1 to v4.5, fw v9.4)
  • Hardware design of flexible, build-in CPU with card, upgradable new functions via USB.
  • Support multiROM, support SDHC card, support up to 256 games, selecting game in Menu or by pressing key.
  • Support FAT32, drag and drop, no need of disk manager.
  • Save to TF directly, no need of pressing home to backup SAVE.
  • Support eshop
  • Support NADA BREAKUP
  • Support NADA emulate system
  • Support NADA emulate system
  • Support NAND-emulate, official carts region free, Nand backup
    Support Animal Crossing and Pokenmon XY games
  • Support SaveEditor, NAND-emulate and Card-dump soon...

>> Find out nore about firmware versions of 3DS game consoles

NEVER: Remove automatic updates by enabling parental control to prevent any accident.

FAQ about MT-Card:

- Is it one microSD per game?
NO, you can put multiple 3DS gamnes on same SD card. This is the only flash cart today on the market (2014-02) than can offer thois feature.

- Must the microSD card size match the game size?
No, so long as the microSD card is larger than the rom size.

- Can it play games from other regions?
Currently no.

- Are saved games working? Once you take out the game is the save file kept or lost?
Yes, and you can save directly to your SD memory card.

- Can Nintendo block MT-Card with an update?
Anything is possible. As always, any updates of your console should be avoided! Always check first if we have new updates supporting new Nintendo firmware BEFORE you update your console.

- How big are the games and what is the minimum size for the...
Some range from 256MB to 4GB

- Can you play multiplayer local and mostly online?
Yes, but we advise not to use online features

- Do the game keep internet capacity?
Yes, but we advise not to use online features

- Is it upgradable?
Yes some aspects of the design will be upgradable.

- Can it run normal DS roms?
No, there are many alternative options for this.

- Can the blue card run DS home brew ?
YES :- The bundled blue ds card, is in essence a standard DS cart capable of both DS backups and home brew for DS mode, tested to work on 6.1

- Does MT-Card support all games:
Most games are supported and frequently updates are improving teh compatibility and features all teh time.

This products will be sold as it is, without any warranties of functionality. As all similar products it may be blocked by new console updates, manufacturer software updates may solve or may not solve those potencial problems. Use it on your own risk, see internet resources for more information.

This product is ment to be used for homebrew applications and development only. It is not shipped with any software or copyrighted code. We do not encurage piracy and any illegal use of it.


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