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Leveranser till hela världen
Leveranser till hela världen
Kategori           » Retro konsoltillberhör
Märke           » NeoFlash

Neo-Geo Super MVS to AES Converter II

I lager
372.99 €
Vikt: ~ 0.35kg

Neo-Geo Super MVS to AES Converter II

Rare, retro gaming converter! Genuine product. Just few left in stock.

To use with Neo-Geo gaming console. This converter is for people who want to play all neo geo MVS arcade carts on the Neo Geo AES standard home system!

With the SMVSC2 you can save a lot of money if you want to play the rarer and much more expensive AES games on your NeoGeo game console. MVS carts with exactly same games are much less expensive an easier to find.

This converter works with all official SNK MVS cartridges, including those post SNK games (SNK/Playmore) such as Metal Slug 5, KoF 2003, and SVC Chaos.

The quality of this device far surpasses that of any predecessor thanks to it's high quality casing that insures a high success rate for plug and play use (works 1st try in most cases, unlike the finicky Phantom-1). To elaborate, the Super MVS Convertor II has a casing that will conveniently guide your MVS cartridge securely into place and the base of the converter plugs into your AES as smooth as you could expect from an actual home cart.

Compatibility is pretty good with the exception of scaling issues on some games that use slow scaling. most noticeable in Last Blade. The scaling can be fixed by adjusting the pot on the front right side of the converter, works like a fine tuning for some games. Simply use the flat screwdriver to adjust it left or right and look at teh monitor if it\s OK. This however doesn't work all the time and sometimes makes very minimal change to the game. Scaling problems are very rare.

Even though the Super MVS Converter 2 has some scaling problems it still plays more games than previous converters. The fact that the cart slot connector in the converter is the same as on an MVS system makes it leagues better than other options.


  • Retail pack
  • Mini CD (no software included, nor needed, CD contains only user manual)
  • Mini screw driver

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