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Kategori           » XBOX 360  / Utvecklingsverktyg  / Utvecklingsverktyg
Märke           » Xecuter

TX227 Corona Postfix Adapter v2

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11.99 €

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Xecuter ArtID: tx-psfxc
Vikt: ~ 0.01kg

TX227 Corona Postfix Adapter v2

Needed for Xbox 360 Corona v3, v4 and some late V2.All new Xbox 360 manufactured on August 2012 and later are impossible to reflash without RGH. DGX is a must have to do the RGH on those new consoles without post_out. DGX is a must have to do the RGH on updated consoles.

There are now Corona v3 & v4 Xbox 360 Slim motherboards with removed post_out tracks and points normally used

The only way to connect the CPU_RST wire is to solder directly to the post_out ball on the CPU itself

The postfix is an elegant solution from Team Xecuter that avoids having to solder directly to the ball of the CPU. The Xecuter Corona Postfix adapter is a neat little PCB board that sits around the CPU and using a special pogo pin system to connect to the ball of the CPU and avoids having to solder the CPU_RST wire to the post_out ball of the CPU.

With this TX Postfix you don not need to run the wire to the ball on the CPU!

Installation of the Xecuter Postfix adapter requires to remove the X-Clamp and heat sink off the CPU.

Once the heat sink is removed you slot the TX Postfix adapter in place, it’s made up of two parts that kind of clip together around the CPU, once in place and the pogo pin is touching the CPU ball you then solder the PCB to four points close to the pogo pin (it is purely to hold the PCB in place after the install)

NOTE: There has been some news that very late model Corona v2 boards also have the post_out points removed, so if you are working on a Corona v2 model board that was made mid 2012 you should double check that the post_out points and tracks are there

Xecuter have also released a very handy image guide to show you how to tell the difference between the Corona v1, v2, v3 & v4 motherboards. It also shows how the Xecuter Postfix adapter is installed so you can get a clearer idea of what it looks like after installation.

Team Xecuter Corona Identification Guide - klick to enlarge!


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