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Kategori           » Nintendo® DS  / NDS Flashkit  / Flashkit övriga
Märke           » NeoFlash

TopToy DS (DSTT), Slot-1 flashkort för Nintendo DS/DS Lite, micro SD/HC (utan minne)

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TopToy DS (DSTT), Slot-1 flashkort för Nintendo DS/DS Lite, micro SD/HC (utan minne)

This flash cart is an older model, still working very good at Nintendo DS and DS Lite. Not recomended for DSi/3DS. The firmware is still updated from time to time, last update is from 07-2015!

DSTT - DS Top Toy Flash Cart for Nintendo DS support SDHC Micro SD memry. Plug and play. Support cheat code and soft reset. Extremly easy to use!

>> Review.




  • Skinnable Menu
  • Very good compatilibity
  • Work fast
  • SDHC Compatible
  • High Quality Manufacturing

  • No In-game menu
  • Incompatible with EZ 3in1

    The only thing you need to start "play" is a Micro SD or SDHC memory module.

    * 1:1 Original small size
    * Build in passme function
    * not need patch, just need drag and drop, then plug and play
    * support homebrew app & game
    * support moonshell movie player
    * support soft reset in the game
    * support cheat code function, more fun now
    * support wireless multi-player
    * support brightness adjust in menu
    * pure hardware save, never lose data
    * tf menu core upgradeable
    * support all roms, compatibility = 100%
    * support SDHC,up to 32GByte
    * the save data can use with NDS EMU directly
    * No game slowdowns!

Package includes:

  • TTDS cartridge
  • MicroSD card reader

NOTE: CD is NOT included. Please download latest software upadtes from our support page.

Personal feedback on the TTDS from one of our regular custommers (review from 2007):

Its EXCELLENT!!! Gor a pretty budget cheap and new card from the once questionable NEO team who used to have a poor support reputation this makes up for it ..... Its Incredibly easy to use just copy all the files of the loader onto the micro sd/sdhc card and then just copy all your clean roms to the root directory and put the sd card into the TTDS and put the TTDS into your ds and switch on pick a game and it then makes the save file and loads the rom.. Just as easy as the R4/M3 simply :)

No messing just up and go :)

There are a few extra settings such as RESET during game using the usual R+L+X+Y+B+A all at the same time to force a quick reset of the ds to get back to the main menu and theres cheats on and off settings (you can use your USRCHEAT files from your R4 card yay!) and a DMA setting.

Everything about the TTDS is SKINNABLE you can customise ALL the artwork of the Menus/Interface :)

All round so far so good its an excellent alternative to the nearly always out of stock R4/M3 Simply cards :)

Thanks again SHOP01 for introducing/recommending this card to me when R4s were low/out of stock as a good replacement alternative card ;)

Wrote by kkan at SCdev.org


This products is sold as it is, without any warranties of functionality. As all similar products it may be blocked by new console updates, manufacturer software updates may solve or may not solve those potencial problems. Use it on your own risk, see internet resources for more information.

This product is ment to be used for homebrew applications and development only. It is not shipped with any software or copyrighted code. We do not encurage piracy and any illegal use of it.

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