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Kategori           » XBOX 360  / Utvecklingsverktyg  / Utvecklingsverktyg
Märke           » Squirt

Squirt 360 1.3 Micro, coolrunner, glitcher

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14.99 €
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Squirt ArtID: SQTc13
Vikt: ~ 0.05kg

Squirt 360 1.3 Micro, coolrunner, glitcher

Squirt 1.3 have own bitstrem, this version is out of production and unfortunatly this version had problems on corona , on trinity works fine and on fat (Zephyr-Falcon-Jusper) works fine only in RGH1 mode.

NOTE: 2014-10-30 This model is NOT RGH 2 compatible right now due to lack of bitsreams..

Glitcher supporting dual nand. Works also with Slim and Phat Xbox 360.


New smaller Squirt. New bitstream necessary available online.

Please remember that there are online since 6th april the new firmwares for FAT consoles, these are working really great, only note is bridge SLIM pad even if you are installing FAT!

Here what change:

1- LED STATUS on board
2- Added 4 extra expansion pads for future uses (corona? )
3- GND & VCC pads now more easy to connect
4- 10KOhm resistor for DUAL NAND PULLUP integrated
5- Oscillator 48Mhz, no more CLK needed and READY FOR CORONA (only hardware)
6- Added 1Ohm resistor on CPU_RST for a more faster GLITCH on SLIM

Full integrated for DUAL NAND with "SQUIRT DUAL NAND 16 MBYTE PCB"

The SQUIRT 360 COOLRUNNER (only mainboard) specifications:

  • Main IC "7VQG44C PLD COOLRUNNER XILINX" compatible with all GLITCH sources
  • On board capacitators: 220pF / 270pF / 292pF with easy jumpers
  • JTAG Xilinx port on the back for an easy update with any JTAG programmer
  • SPI NAND pads connected to 40 cm FCC 15 PIN cable provided
  • JTAG Xilinx port connected to 40 cm FCC 15 PIN cable provided
  • 4 pads I/O connected to xilinx for future uses
  • Plug and play JTAG & NAND programming with optional SQUIRT SLAVE PROGRAMMER

    Package content:
    1x FCC CABLE 40 cm 15 pin to connect SQUIRT PROGRAMMER

    Bulk pack.

    >> Latest diagrams and installation instructions."

    >> Read more about benefits of Squirt 360!



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